Voltage Optimisation: Commercial Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation in commercial environments can reduce energy bills by up to 19%

Voltage Optimisation in businesses can reduce energy bills and carbon footprint by up to 19%, by delivering the exact power needed to a single piece of equipment, an area or throughout the premises.

The voltage optimiser solutions ensures that each piece of electrical equipment only uses the power level it needs with no compromise on performance, avoiding wastage and prolonging the working life of the equipment.


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The voltage optimiser intelligently monitors the incoming electricity supply and automatically reduces it to the most effective level for different kinds of equipment, based on pre-programmed criteria to maximise savings.

Voltage optimisation is being used to cut energy costs in top companies like Amazon, Deutsche Bank, Tesco and BetFred as well as organisations like the National Trust.

The money-saving solution can qualify for 100% tax relief through the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. This means that the full costs can be offset against corporation tax in the year in which the installation is completed.



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