We offer a simple, five step time sensitive process that will quickly identify what savings are possible on your energy bill.


  1. Fill in the the form or call our team of energy efficiency experts to register your interest.
  2. We will send over a LOA (Letter of Authority) – this simply gives us permission to check the energy market on your behalf. You are NOT committing to anything at this stage. This is purely a requirement from the energy regulator.
  3. On receipt of your energy bill(s), we research the energy market from a vast number of suppliers and compare all of the available tariffs.
  4. We present back to you the very best tariffs for your business. Transparency for us is key, so we will give you all of the options available, with our recommendation and confirm the highest level of potential savings.
  5. In addition to your reduced bills we will also show you what credits you will then have available to spend on further energy and water saving products on our website. Remember, the biggest saving is the energy unit you never use!

Simply tell us you are interested in learning more and complete the form, or give our friendly team a call

0333 123 5464

Save Money & Time

We have created a platform to check if our business customers are on the very best energy & water tariffs & using this we can give you credits to buy products & services from our website to reduce your energy & water use.

Proven Products and Brands

We have already brought together all the very best proven products from leading global manufacturers in one place.

Unique Survey Tool

We have developed a unique building consumption survey tool to identify all your savings opportunities, ranked in order of fastest payback.


We deliver UK-wide project management and installation with over 500 major projects delivered.

Did you know that many businesses are on out-of-contract energy rates that are often up to 40% higher?

Mark Sait, CEO, SaveMoneyCutCarbon

  • Our free, no obligation quotes outline your energy savings by moving to a better tariff or supplier.
  • Already using an energy broker? Our new platform checks you are getting the best tariffs and that your savings are not being swallowed up in brokers’ fees.
  • Contract management – ensuring you are never on out-of-contract rates
  • Fast and accurate quotes available from all the major energy suppliers
  • Options to secure rates for up to 5 years to make business budgeting easier
  • Exclusive Green Energy offer – we can offer 100% fully renewable energy
  • From a single business unit to larger multi-site organisations, our team can help
  • Get savings credits to spend on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website – book a building survey, buy some LED lamps or some water reducing eco taps and showers
  • We are passionate about saving you money on your energy & water bills and helping the planet, which needs a little more than just swopping tariffs every year.
  • We believe we are the only company offering not only the best tariff and supplier advice but also linking your contract to give you access to free, proven products across our comprehensive ranges and manufacturers.
  • Unlike most energy brokers we want to work with you. Our tariff checking service is part of a much larger offering, simply one of the many energy and water services and products we provide.
  • We strive to create what we call customer “wows” and the more savings we deliver, the happier our customers are.


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