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Our stress-free service shows you how much you could save on your utility bills and takes just minutes. You’ll also get free credits to use on our amazing products and services, helping you save even more!

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We’ll scour the energy market uncovering all the best deals available to you. We’ll report back to you with all the options and our impartial recommendation.

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Once signed up to the best possible deal, as a gift from us, you’ll receive credits to spend on our amazing products and services to help you save even more.

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Business Utility Credits (BUCs)


Once your contract is live we will give you BUCs (Business Utility Credits) to be spent on our fantastic energy and water saving products and services.

What can I spend my BUCs on?

You have the choice to spend your BUCs on products & services from LED lighting, Eco Water products, Eco Goodies, ESOS compliance & business energy audits to help you save even more!

How do I earn BUCs?

For every 5000 units of gas, electricity or water you use, you will receive £5.00 worth of BUCs which can be spent on anything from LED lighting to a tailored building energy audit worth £thousands.

To see how many BUCs you could get give us a call today!

BUCs terms and conditions apply.

Brookes Hotel Ltd use 476,992kWh of gas per year and by switching with SaveMoneyCutCarbon have saved £4488.00!

Earnt £500.00 worth of BUCs!

Square One Ltd use 33136kWh of electricity per year and by switching with SaveMoneyCutCarbon have saved £603.00!

Earnt £60.00 worth of BUCs!

Abbey Lighting use 33 cubic meters of water per year and by switching with SaveMoneyCutCarbon have saved £200.00!

Earnt £10.00 worth of BUCs!

  • Our free, no obligation quotes outline your potential energy & water savings by switching tariff or supplier
  • Already using an energy broker? Our new platform checks that you’re getting the best tariffs and that brokers’ fees are not swallowing up your savings
  • Utilities management – ensuring you are never on expensive out-of-contract rates
  • Fast and accurate quotes available from all the major energy suppliers
    Options to secure rates for up to 5 years to make business budgeting easier
  • Exclusive Green Energy offer – we can offer 100% fully renewable energy
    From a single business unit to larger multi-site organisations, our team can help
  • Get Business Utility Credits to spend on SaveMoneyCutCarbon products & services from LED lighting & Eco-taps to ESOS compliance & business energy audits
  • We are passionate about saving you money on your energy & water bills and helping the planet, which needs a little more than just swapping tariffs every year
  • We believe we are the only company offering not only the best tariff and supplier advice but also linking your contract to give you access to free, proven products across our comprehensive ranges and manufacturers
  • Unlike most energy brokers we want to work with you. Our tariff checking service is part of a much larger offering, simply one of the many energy and water services and products we provide
  • We strive to create what we call customer “wows” and the more savings we deliver, the happier our customers are
  • BUCs will be made available for use on confirmation your new contract is live
  • BUCs must be used within six months of your contract live date. i.e. contract goes live on the 1st Jan, BUCss must be spent no later than 30th June
  • BUCs can be used towards any of our products and/or services on our website
  • BUCs value is based on an estimated annual consumption and are subject to change on confirmation of usage from your current supplier


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