Energy for the home

Easily compare green energy suppliers, buy through us to get free products to help reduce your bills and carbon footprint even further

This new service is launching in September

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Learn about the best Green Energy supplier for you and get free products to reduce what you use

Select your green energy supplier via SaveMoneyCutCarbon with one click and claim your free products, like LED lamps that help to reduce what you use, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint even more.

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Understanding where your green energy is coming from is important

  • We bring together a carefully selected range of green energy suppliers for your home
  • We help you understand if their energy is really green & from true renewable sources

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Choosing a Green Energy Supplier is easy

  • We can help you understand what suppliers and tariffs are best if you have solar or charge an electric car at home
  • Our researchers will make it easy to see how other customers have rated them for price and customer service.

Four simple steps

Switch today to a Green Energy Supplier for your home with these four simple steps:

Step one – use the comparison tool to check which green energy supply is best for you, and our simple rating system will judge green energy source, price, customer service & best fit for you

Step Two – provide a valid email address so we can contact you to arrange delivery of your free energy saving gifted product

Step Three – we will take you to your chosen energy supplier’s secure website to complete your switch

Step Four – once we have confirmation from your selected energy company, we will contact you to arrange delivery of your Enviropack, a selection of energy-saving products

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Saving your money, not just the planet

Going Green is a real commitment to do your bit by consciously choosing a green energy supplier through SaveMoneyCutCarbon – so well done and thank you!

We want to help you keep on saving not just the planet, but also on your energy and water bills.

As a thank you for selecting your green energy supply through SaveMoneyCutCarbon we will send you an Enviropack of great products that will reduce your actual usage, saving your money and cutting your carbon too – we call it Sustainability Without Compromise. Test them out, tell us what you think and if you like them, we can help you with more proven products to reduce consumption or help you live more sustainably.

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