The Client

Payback on investment within five years and reduction in carbon footprint of nearly 70%

The Brief

The hotel required a business case for LED retrofit, highlighting the reduced costs and carbon footprint associated with lower energy demand, so raising profitability. At the same time, the management wanted to ensure that the hotel ambiance was maintained.

The hotel is part of the Think Planet initiative by Carlson Rezidor to cut the group’s energy consumption by 20% by the end of 2016. The group has announced that it is already ahead of that target, thanks wide ranging initiatives, including the work of SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Service team has supported Carlson Rezidor hotels across a wide range of energy and water-saving projects in the past two years. Delivering surveys, investment ready proposals, specification, product supply from major manufacturers, UK wide project management & installations.

In 2014, SaveMoneyCutCarbon delivered energy saving Think Planet projects for Carlson Rezidor on time and on budget cutting costs by more than £470,000.

The Solution

The Field Service team installed LED lighting throughout the hotel, fitting more than 530 lamps including tubes, panels, 2Ds, downlights, spotlights and bulbs, in guest rooms, meeting rooms, stairwells, reception and back-of-house.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon first identified the range and render of luminaires, lamps per area, and fitting types, existing wattages, on/burn times, and the thermodynamics of the luminaires through an exhaustive survey.

Verbatim brand products were deployed throughout, as well as Ecoled panels. A key feature was the installation of Lutron smart lighting controls in the meeting rooms.

The Lutron system of wireless sensors, switches, dimmers, and remote controls further adds to energy savings – up to 60%.

At all times, the team worked with management to ensure that the work was invisible to guests and hotel operations were not affected, completing the LED project on schedule and within budget.

Annual savings of £6,200 from our energy saving solutions
Payback in 4.7 years with LED lighting