The Client

The Macdonald Hotel group is a collection of 45 hotels which prides itself on delivering a unique experience from each of its hotels.

The idiosyncrasies of each Macdonald hotel make all of them comforting because they are closely tied into the local charm and character of the area.

The Brief

Hotels by their very nature have an extremely high usage of water and energy. SaveMoneyCutCarbon were appointed by the MacDonald Hotel Group as their energy and water efficiency partner.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon were given the task of assisting the Macdonald Hotel Group in meeting their corporate social responsibility targets; making sure that their hotels are not just compliant, but exceed energy efficiency targets.

The Solution

To date our team have installed water products in over 30 of the group’s 45 hotels. This has been achieved as part of our end-to-end solution.

We began with a full survey of the hotel group’s buildings, including detailed financial models which outlined initial spend and gave timeframes for return-on-investment by calculating potential savings.

After our consultations, our nationwide installation team delivered water-saving solutions in hotels across the UK from Oxford to Edinburgh and beyond.

Amongst these solutions were Neoperl Tap Aerators which were ideally suited to Macdonald Hotels.

Tap Aerators are a perfect retrofit solution and deliver a ‘champagne-like’ aerated flow which reduces water consumption and provides a sumptuous jet of water suitable for the group’s elegant rooms.

Reduction of 39 million litres of water per annum
Saving over 1,772,641 kWh of energy per annum


To date, SaveMoneyCutCarbon have installed products which will save the hotel group over 39 million litres of water and 1,772,641 kWh of gas energy usage per year.

Annual Savings

  • 39,000


  • 1,772,641


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