The Client

Binean Kadhim, the owner of a successful Blackburn hair salon, could not find a solution to the premise’s chilly areas and clients were complaining about the cold.

The Brief

Binean expanded her Heiress hair salon into new premises in the town centre 17 months ago, sharing with Gossip Beauty salon, but realised quickly that there were areas in the interior that were very hard to heat, particularly the six chairs along the two window walls.

Binean had tried other electric heaters but nothing worked.

The problem was that the hexagonal building where the salon occupied the ground floor had large areas of glass windows so conventional heating systems were inadequate.

The Solution

With expert advice from SaveMoneyCutCarbon, a delighted Binean solved the cold problem with workspace heaters from the Herschel Advantage range.

She purchased four Herschel Advantage IR3 1950W Black Far Infrared Workspace Heaters and had them fitted with two more ordered when she saw how effective they were.

Every client has said how warm and relaxing the heaters are.

The Far Infrared heaters work by gently heating objects and surfaces. This radiant heat is far more efficient and effective than traditional convection heaters that just warm the air, using up to 60% less energy.

Binean had made quick online search for the Far Infrared heaters which put her in contact with SaveMoneyCutCarbon, who gave her detailed advice on what would work best.

Binean had found out about the Herschel heaters from one of the stylists working in the salon. Far Infrared is highly effective and precise, heating only the areas that need it. Convection heating, in contrast, must heat the air in the whole area. The warm air rises and the dissipates through drafts and other movement.

The far infrared waves are absorbed by the building and through a build-up of “thermal mass”, a large area will stay warm even when the heaters are off.

Far Infrared heaters are cheaper to install than other systems, requiring only electric supply cable. They are silent, maintenance-free with a long working life and emit no fumes.

“The problem with the salon was that it was always freezing. The building is a big unit and hexagonal with glass windows all round so it was impossible to keep warm. We tried hot fan electric heaters but they didn’t solve the problem - nothing kept us warm."

“I talked with Justin Hook, on the online sales team and he was absolutely fantastic and a massive help in ordering the Herschel heaters. I had planned to buy one particular model that I’d seen on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website and he researched the options for me, recommending a different model that would work better. “Every single client has said how amazing the heating is now. The heaters give off a very nice heat that is very relaxing and they also warm up the seats for the customers. “The first four heaters work so well that I ordered two more! I’d highly recommend the Herschel heaters. We have them hanging off chains and they look really good. They are also very economical so we’re think they will definitely reduce our energy costs.”

Binean Kadhim, owner Heiress hair salon

“Binean to came to us following her own research into infrared heating. With her electrician, they had selected an option which would have given the right heat output, but was particularly heavy-industrial looking."

“Binean was able to send us the dimensions of the area she was looking to heat as well as some photos of the salon which helped us to understand her exact requirements and needs. We were then able to propose a different solution using a much more discreet product that would give her much better heat distribution directly to the areas that needed it most. “Our proposal was not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it also worked out cheaper! Having checked our network of stockists, we had the new heaters on site ready to install within two days. “We were extremely happy to hear the positive feedback from staff and customers alike and were more than happy to supply a further unit for the beauty area of the salon.”

Justin Hook, online sales team SaveMoneyCutCarbon

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