The Client

English Martyrs Primary is a thriving school in Reading with over 400 pupils and is maintained by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Diocese has engaged SaveMoneyCutCarbon to fully manage energy efficiency upgrades in its network of schools.

The Brief

SaveMoneyCutCarbon carried out an exhaustive survey to assess the potential for reducing costs and easing pressure on school funds by retrofitting energy-saving LED lighting.

At the same time, the school was keen to improve the quality of lighting and enhance the overall learning environment.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s expertise in the process of Salix Finance application was an essential element in the planning stage, to enable the LED project to be self-financing through savings on electricity costs.

The Solution

SaveMoneyCutCarbon managed the LED retrofit project from end to end, including specification, installation, testing and monitoring. The team installed 219 LED panels, tubes, downlights, 2D lights and floodlights throughout the school.

The work was scheduled during term-time and so the team worked closely with the school managers to plan the installation out-of-hours and so ensure no disruption for pupils and staff.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s commercial team also assisted the school to secure interest-free funding from Salix Finance. The zero interest loan will be repaid through savings made on electricity costs each year.

Annual savings of £3,870 from our energy saving solutions
Payback in 7.24 years with LED lighting
“We were grateful to the school for its support and advice in planning the best times to fit the new LED lighting and our experience in working with schools helped to speed the process. We’re proud of our ability to deliver projects in the most flexible ways that meet customers’ needs. The results are visually impressive and there’s an excellent payback in under seven years on energy savings alone.”

Mark Thompson, SaveMoneyCutCarbon lead technician


  • Over £3,870 per year savings
  • ROI – 6.9 years
  • Annual CO2 reduction – 63%

Annual Savings

  • 3,870

    £ saved

  • 35184


  • 7.24

    months payback

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