The Client

Abbot Beyne is a large thriving secondary school in Burton upon Trent with two distinct sites.

The Staffordshire school has 800 students enrolled and was recently given a very positive review by Ofsted. The school manages 19 hectares overlooking the River Trent, with Years 7–9 predominantly based at the Evershed site and Years 11–13 based in the Linnell site.

The Brief

The school wanted a better working environment for staff and pupils by improving the lighting throughout and was also determined to reduce both energy consumption and maintenance costs.

At the same time, Abbot Beyne wanted to contribute to efforts to help the environment by reducing its carbon footprint, through reduced consumption of lighting power.

Energy savings of 68%
Salix Interest Free Funding 7 year payback

The Solution

SaveMoneyCutCarbon was asked by the school to carry out a full survey and make the business case for LED retrofit. The detailed preparatory work involved specialists to specify options for the suspended fittings.

The project was put out to tender and SaveMoneyCutCarbon won the contract on the basis of its exceptional experience in the education sector and pricing.

Working with the school management, SaveMoneyCutCarbon drew up detailed schedules for the installation team – all fully DBS checked – and then managed the installation throughout, ensuring minimum disruption.

As well as the LED lighting upgrade, the school took the opportunity to replace aged and inefficient hand dryers in both sites with eco models that reduced power consumption by up to 80.8%.

Salix application

SaveMoneyCutCarbon also successfully managed the Salix funding application process that provided an interest-free solution, with repayments covered by savings in energy costs.

The team fitted a total of 1,459 lights and fittings, including LED panels, LED linear battens, high bays, bulkheads and outdoor wall lights from trusted manufacturers such as Thorn, Ansell, Ledvance and Signify (Philips).

SaveMoneyCutCarbon works closely with top lighting companies because well manufactured LED lighting has a working life of 50,000 hours with little or no light degradation. Cheaper versions lack quality control, often meaning high failure rates and poor light quality.

The fluorescent tubes that were replaced typically have a lifespan of 8,000 hours and provide increasingly poor light quality as they age. The school was having to replace these regularly.

The long lifespan of LEDs not only reduces maintenance costs but also the amount of waste going to landfill.

Staff and pupils also benefit from quality LEDs being flicker-free, which provides much better conditions for working and learning, particularly for those prone to headaches or other symptoms which can be associated with poor lighting.

Hand dryers

In Linnell building, SaveMoneyCutCarbon replaced three 2600W, three 2200W and one 900W hand dryers with SMCC Eco Dryers that draw just 500W, with energy savings of between 44.4% and 80.8%. The school also opted to replace the three 2600W and two 900W hand dryers at the Evershed site with the SMCC Eco Dryers.

Savings Summary

  • £19,671

    £ saved

  • 68%


  • 7

    months payback

How much could our services save you?

“The school lighting was very old tech so our energy bills were huge and we needed to cut costs. Moving to LED will give the school low-cost trouble-free lighting for many years after the payback on initial costs. “We were also impressed by the Salix opportunity, which at first looked too good to be true but really is a no-brainer for school lighting upgrades. “The SaveMoneyCutCarbon team were excellent, very professional and the installation was problem-free. It was a big project and the few expected snags we did have with lights after installation were quickly resolved. “The quality of light is excellent and several staff members who suffered from migraines and headaches with the old fluorescent lighting have said this is much improved.”

James Church, deputy head at Abbot Beyne School:

“We were pleased to use our expertise in school lighting to deliver this big LED project and ensure that Abbot Beyne will benefit from big reductions in its energy costs for decades. As a bonus, the school’s carbon footprint will also be dramatically reduced.”

Emily McDonough, regional sales manager, SaveMoneyCutCarbon:

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