Video interview with inventor of game-changing blue LED and the future of lighting

Image of video with inventor of revolutionary blue LED Shuji_Nakamura Lux Live -SaveMoneyCutCarbon

I wanted to share this illuminating video interview from Lux magazine featuring Shuji Nakamura, inventor of game-changing blue LED and the future of lighting.

Professor Nakamura talked exclusively to Lux Review’s Ray Malony in the video, filmed at the phenomenally successful Lux Live! Event in London last month, which I attended and learnt a great deal.

This is a very exciting space to be involved with and the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team has enjoyed a really successful year, helping companies and consumers to cut energy bills substantially through adoption of LED lighting.

With increased pressure on business and household budgets from eye-watering energy price rises, it makes more sense now than ever to invest in energy-saving lighting in the home and in business.

The blue LED ignited a revolution in the lighting sector, one that continues to have enormous benefits for quality of light and, equally important the reduction in energy use.

Professor Nakamura shares his thoughts on on the future of LED technology and the role – if any – of OLEDs, which is an area we are keeping a close eye on so it’s well worth five minutes of your time to watch.

Talk to us on 0845 123 5464 to help guide your plans for LED lighting and other energy-saving measures in the New Year. Now is a great time to start!



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