Top tips on energy saving – infographic

Our energy saving top tips infographic shows how you can easily cut costs, as part of Cold Homes Week.

Energy saving top tips infographic

The ice and snow across the UK is a reminder of how energy efficiency cuts bills and help to keep homes warm.

And it does not take much effort or cash to slash your household energy and water costs.

Small changes make a big difference quickly and you go on saving year after year. We’ve calculated that you can save £1,000s by investing in energy saving and water saving solutions.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon team focuses on the best and easiest energy efficiencies for the home – LED lighting and eco showers, taps and tap aerators. Our infographic also suggests further ways to can take control of your rising bills.

Cold Homes Week is the biggest public campaign ever aimed at stopping fuel poverty, making every UK home super energy efficient. The campaign is headed by the Energy Bill Revolution, in alliance with 200 major charities, businesses and unions.

We’re following the campaign on Twitter: #coldhomesweek




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