The shocking true cost of cheap LEDs – VIDEO warning

After yesterday’s blog post about the European Union ban or recall on scores of LED lighting products we watched this very shocking (literally) video about the dangers of buying cheap. The video was produced by Julian Ilett, self-confessed ‘electronics nerd and Eco-Geek’.

It’s good that we have people like Julian around to share their extensive knowledge and experience. As Julian says about the dangerous GU10 he dismantles: “This GU10 LED spot light is cheap (£3 including postage) and bright. But it’s also lethal!

There’s a 50% chance of putting live mains within a few microns of the metal casing (which is what you’ll be holding when you insert it) and there’s no earth to protect you. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with 240v AC mains. This sort of thing gives new technology a bad name. Avoid it if you want stay alive.”

Here’s the video:

YouTube video

You can follow Julian on Twitter @julian256 and he has a wealth of very useful videos on his YouTube site.

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