Soraa launches world-beating ambient LED luminaires

Our world-leading LED partner Soraa has just launched the lighting industry’s first ambient LED luminaires with glare-free, uniform and high quality light.

Re-defining ambient LED lighting – the Soraa Gable (left) and Soraa Barrel

Soraa is acknowledged as the premier company in superior GaN on GaN LED lighting and its cutting-edge team has developed two ambient LED luminaires – the Gable and Barrel – that focus on exceptional minimalist design.

The Gable and Barrel ambient LED luminaires are designed for a wide range of environments, from the office to retail and healthcare for example.

The Gable and Barrel both feature Soraa’s award-winning optical design expertise with its Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP₃) LED technology. They have outstanding lens uniformity, colour rendering (CRI > 90) capabilities and are Design Lights Consortium (DLC) compliant.

Soraa explains:

 “By edge lighting our own highly engineered, injection moulded optical light guides with Soraa’s full visible spectrum LEDs, we’ve created glare free luminaires that will raise the bar for ambient lighting.

“Our new fixtures have unparalleled lens uniformity and deliver light with fluorescent excitation needed to discern shades of white and render colours perfectly.

“Our first foray into the fixture market will finally give designers the ability to heighten visual clarity, while increasing energy efficiency, when lighting large spaces.”

Soraa Barrel

The Soraa Barrel is only 3 inches deep and with two options – 2 x 2 ft and 1 x 4 ft. With a curved arch form, it features a pleasing extruded aluminium Knife Edge frame that provides thermal management and visual separation between frame and lens.

The Knife Edge detail also increases depth perception of the arch while maintaining the 3-inch housing depth.

It is perfect for shallow ceiling spaces where HVAC and structural interferences are an issue and for lay-in and gypsum board ceilings.

The Soraa Barrel delivers up to 3,200 lumens with standard dimming driver options include 0-10V, Lutron and EldoLED.

Soraa Gable

The Soraa Gable appears frameless, with a beautiful contemporary design and is available in 2 ft x 2 ft and 1 ft x 4 ft dimensions. Two uniform angled lenses gable up into a centre spine element that also glows. Mechanical details are all pleasingly concealed on the luminaire, which is also designed for lay-in and gypsum board ceilings.

The Soraa Gable series delivers up to 3,200 lumens and standard dimming driver options include 0-10V, Lutron and EldoLED.

The Soraa Gable and Barrel series will be available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT.

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