Save water, save energy on World Water Day and every day

World Water Day 2014 is being celebrated by the UN tomorrow and we can all contribute by saving water and energy every day.

World Water Day 2014 logo

There’s a fresh focus by the UN this year on the crucial connection between water use and energy and World Water Day aims to raise awareness on the need to better manage consumption of both.

The UN wants us all to “contribute to a policy dialogue that focuses on the broad range of issues related to the nexus of water and energy”. This is an area that SaveMoneyCutCarbon has focused on since we began and we’ve helped a wide range of organisations, businesses and households to combine energy savings with reduced water consumption.

On World Water Day, the UN seeks to demonstrate to decision makers in the energy sector and the water domain through case studies that integrated approaches and solutions to water-energy issues can achieve greater economic and social impacts. Our Carlson Rezidor and Puma Hotels case studies show how properly managed water efficiency strategies deliver substantial, sustainable benefit for the business and the planet.

Hospitality and tourism are among the key stakeholders in the water-energy nexus and this element of the business-leisure sector is responding very actively to the appeal for sustainability strategies, as we’ve found in our work with hospitality businesses of all sizes – from global hotel groups to independents and bed & breakfasts.

Our experience is that everyone, inside and outside hospitality, from the biggest business to the individual consumer can make an immediate but also sustainable impact on water and energy consumption, with the embedded benefit of much reduced carbon footprint.

Companies, organisations and households need to choose wisely as not all water and energy saving solutions are equal. Tested, proven and quality products from trusted manufacturers should always prove more effective than badly designed, low-technology options.

Our water saving solutions, from hansgrohe eco shower heads to hansgrohe eco taps and Neoperl tap aerators reduce consumption by up to 60% and have the added benefits of reducing energy needed to heat water as well as measurable reductions in carbon emissions.

If you are looking for a quality eco shower head, we have a wide range to choose from. One of our most popular is the hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green 1Jet EcoSmart Hand Held Shower Head.

For a fixed eco shower head, our customers give the hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario EcoSmart Fixed Shower Head five stars.

hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario EcoSmart Fixed Shower Head

For eco taps, our hansgrohe Focus E2 Single Lever Basin Mixer is incredible value.

Tap aerators are an obvious choice for those who want to keep their current taps but reduce water consumption by as much as 50%. Take a look at our five-star customer rated Neoperl M24 Male Eco Tap Aerator.

Neoperl M24 Male Eco Tap Aerator

World Water Day 2014 marks a telling shift in the UN viewpoint, linking explicitly for the first time the twin challenges of energy and water conservation. We can all make a difference here by taking a few simple steps that permanently reduce water consumption at home and at work.

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