SaveMoneyCutCarbon celebrates fourth birthday with new customer wins and new growth investment

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April 4, 2013

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It hardly seems like yesterday when we launched Save Money Cut Carbon but we are now celebrating our fourth birthday this month. We knew when we started that it was high risk – most new companies do not get past the first year. SaveMoneyCutCarbon th birthday We did get past that first 52 weeks, and have grown rapidly over the past 48 months. It’s not been easy, nothing worth doing well is simple but we know from our customers that the idea of saving money while cutting carbon has struck a deep chord that resonates across entire companies, from heads of sustainability and technical managers to the financial directors and CEOs. Save Money Cut Carbon has grown year-on-year, increasing its turnover tenfold in the past 12 months and has earned its place in the commercial “green” industry. We help companies achieve the Carbon Reduction Commitment targets set by the Government and so avoid costly penalties. And we have been amazed by the level of investor interest – we’re about seal a new investment round that will help to expand the company’s offering this year and into 2014. We are also attracting big brand names who want us to partner with them as they seek to reduce energy and water costs in the most efficient ways possible. Save Money Cut Carbon is unique in that it has a holistic approach to going green by saving money. Our business model is to be a partner, not just a supplier. And we hold Carbon Trust accredited supplier status. What’s more we bring together a full range of products across main areas of consumption (lighting, water, HVAC and boilers) and can offer CSR support services to help drive awareness and take up of sustainability initiatives. This full CSR service engages with internal staff, customers and business partners. It maximises return on investment and protects brand standards. In fact, one element of our approach – lighting – was echoed by Geoff Smyth, head of technology and delivery for the Carbon Trust, quoted this week on the BBC website. He said: “Lighting accounts for 20% to 50% of total energy consumed in commercial buildings, and a lot of the time the lights don’t even need to be on. With these breakthroughs in LED and lighting management technology, businesses can achieve energy savings of 70% to 80% and see a payback on their investment within two or three years.” Looking back, four years ago, being ‘green’ was a nice thing to have. But we have shown how cutting carbon saves you money and makes sound commercial sense. Recent changes in legislation also mean that all companies need to act now on their ‘green’ strategies. We are here to help.” Let us know your thoughts and do contact us to discuss ways that we can help you save money by reducing your energy and water costs.



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