Pressure on retail sector and TV manufacturers to cut energy use

Pressure is mounting for energy saving action in the retail sector and among TV screen manufacturers.

The two together make the case for energy efficiency very strongly and are positive steps at a time when business and consumer both struggle to manage rising energy bills.

Adam Leyland, editor of The Grocer has launched a campaign backed by the influential trade magazine to encourage retailers to retrofit LED lighting. At the same time, a new EU directive this morning caps the amount of energy that big screen TVs can use.

The Grocer campaign, Switch the Lights, is just what is needed to galvanise the retail sector into action because, as we have been stridently saying for the past 18 months or more, it makes great business sense to fit LED lighting.

As Adam advises in his launch opinion article, 43% of the energy consumed annually by retailers is through lighting. We actually think the savings forecast of 50% in the campaign is conservative and that LED lighting could deliver savings of up to 85% on energy bills.

Add to that the fact that a quality LED panel, tube or lamp should last for easily more than a decade with low or zero maintenance and the operating costs clearly keep tumbling.

Full spectrum lighting

We also second Adam’s view that the cost and quality of LEDs has improved. We always warn, though, that not all LEDs are born equal – some of the budget price versions are frankly not worth the packaging they come in.

Choosing wisely with expert advice from a trusted supplier is the best way to ensure that a retailer maximises the savings.

Any concerns over quality of light have also been laid to rest with the advent of some spectacular innovations, particularly the arrival of full-spectrum lighting, powered by GaN-on-GaN technology provided by manufacturers like Soraa. The extraordinary illumination offered by Soraa lamps is a perfect solution for any retailer.

Soraa’s full visible spectrum light delivers unprecedented colour rendering that surpasses even halogen sources. Another advantage is Soraa LED lamps run cooler and have no IR or UV radiation, reducing heat and emissions that can compromise sensitive materials.

Find out more about Soraa’s full spectrum lighting and how it benefits the retail sector here.

Switch the Lights campaign:

TV energy saving

The new EU TV energy standards are part of an energy efficiency drive which the European commission expects will cut consumers’ energy bills by around €8bn a year.

The new rules on device energy consumption could come into effect as early as June 2016 and focus on larger TV screens and would also affect computer monitors for the first time, increasingly used for watching television programmes.

The proposed new standards could cut Europe’s yearly 75 terrawatt hours (TWh) of electricity use by 42%. Now that is worth achieving but we expect a few fireworks over the regulations.

More information on the EU move here.



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