How Soraa Healthy improves sleep patterns

New science is helping us understand how important good lighting is for us to sleep well.

A good night’s sleep means that your body has a chance to rest properly and recover, with processes that repair muscle, organs, and other cells while chemicals circulate to strengthen the immune system.

It now understood that your sleep can be severely affected by the wrong sort of light in the evening. The good news is that the Soraa Healthy LED range has been designed precisely to help with that.

Soraa Healthy is the only lighting technology that does not hinder sleep and gives you the light you need to be fully settled before you sleep. The technology is called ZERO BLUE light and only Soraa offer this type of lamp.

Right choices

With Soraa Healthy helping sleep, your brain should be operating at optimum levels during the day – and we all know what it feels like to have to work or study when we’ve had a bad night.

Good sleep helps us to focus and be creative while making the right choices more clear. On the other hand, the NHS advises that sleepless nights lead to more than just bad moods and a lack of focus.

If you sleep badly regularly over a long period, you are at risk of serious medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. And it shortens your life expectancy.

No blue

One issue with standard LED bulbs is that they emit a constant invisible blue light and when you have the lights on most, in the evening, this invisible blue light inhibits melatonin production. This simply makes going to asleep more difficult.

The sun emits blue light naturally in the morning, which helps you be more productive and alert but daylight then carries less and less blue throughout the day and this prompts the body to get ready for sleep.

Soraa Healthy is the only LED with a natural white light that has no blue wavelengths so can be a core part of your good sleep habits.

A consistent routine is key to resting well, naturally. Making sure you eliminate blue light in the evenings should be part of that routine, settling your body and getting it ready for bed. You should use Soraa Healthy in the rooms where you spend the evenings and nights. Its soft white light is beautiful and works well in living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries and where the kids do their homework.

Zero buzz

The other great thing about Soraa Healthy bulbs is that they dim smoothly and fully, with none of the buzz or flicker you can find from budget-price options. In fact there is zero buzz, as Soraa use high quality materials and construction to soundproof the light.

Also, some LED lights have an invisible flicker that you would not notice but the “stroboscopic” effect can cause headaches, eye-strain and fatigue. Soraa Healthy has eliminated flicker.

Aurelien David, Soraa Chief Scientist says:

“We know blue radiation wakes you up in the morning, getting you ready for the day, but it can be problematic at night as it interferes with our circadian rhythms and inhibits sleep—a common side effect of too much artificial blue light exposure. We believe light has a strong impact on our everyday life, and we cannot compromise the quality of light.”

Everyone should consider Soraa Healthy for their homes but hotels and health care facilities are also prime environments where optimising wellness has the potential to enhance the guest experience.

And for architects, specifiers and lighting designers who have previously focused on the aesthetics of light, Soraa Healthy gives the opportunity to create exceptional quality with provision of health and well-being.



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