Far Infrared heating in the home

Far Infrared heating is a stylish and energy-efficient option for the home that gives you highly controllable comfort.

An increasingly popular choice are the Far Infrared panel heaters that look great and are a versatile solution where conventional heating is either not possible or desirable.

Far Infrared is a more comfortable form of heating and works in a very different way to standard solutions like central heating and storage heaters. These forms of convection heating are highly inefficient in that they heat the air.

This causes constant movement and as the air rises it cools and is also dispersed by draughts and other flows.

Direct heat

Far Infrared heaters directly heat objects and surfaces in a gentle way, rather than warming the air. If you compare energy use, convection heaters require up to 40% more energy to heat the air than a Far Infrared panel heater.

The excellent direct warming properties of Far Infrared help to raise the “thermal mass” in a room as the heat is retained and released from the walls and ceilings. This means that the room continues to provide a high level of comfort when the heaters are switched off.

And Far Infrared can save more than 50% in energy compared with older technologies, like night storage heaters.

There is an additional benefit with Far Infrared particularly when set against storage heaters, that warm cool air at the base so making it rise. In that process, dust and allergens are stirred up and circulated around the room.

Dust and debris

Night storage heaters tend to collect a lot of dust and debris over their lifetime, which is near impossible to clear effectively.

Asthma sufferers and those with other types of breathing difficulties have reported a positive difference and the Far Infrared systems are also helpful for those with allergies, including “multiple chemical sensitivity” (MCS).

The gentle radiation from Far Infrared also makes people feel good, with a very comfortable warming effect. This is because the skin readily absorbs Far Infrared waves and it has been likened to the feeling of a warm sun on your skin.

Far Infrared heaters are suitable for all types of home and can be installed as a complete heating system or as needed in each room.

Easy fixing

The thin, elegant panels are easily fixed to walls or ceilings and there are also compact models. For living rooms and bedrooms, the panels can be found in a number of colours and output variations.

The effective Far Infrared technology also means that people feel comfortable in rooms that are 3-4 degrees lower than that produced by conventional heating.

The efficiency of Far Infrared heaters is optimal when combined with smart thermostat controls and they are quick to warm a space – less than 10 minutes usually. With a smart controller, you can manage which rooms are being heated.

For example, you can have the heaters working in the living room, hallways and kitchen, then turn on the heaters in the bedroom just before retire for the night, to have the room exactly at the temperature you prefer and with a fresher heat.

Clear mirrors

In the bathroom, you can install standard panels but there are also very stylish mirror panels and towel rails as well as free-standing panels. One great benefit of having a mirror panel is that it will not steam up.

Far Infrared heating also helps to eliminate mould and damp, as it warms surfaces and objects, removing conditions where spores can spread.

Far Infrared heating is also perfect for hard-to-heat areas like conservatories where the large areas of window glass can lead to constant heat loss as well as problems with condensation, damp and mould. Wall, ceiling and compact models are available to provide comfortable heat that does not rapidly dissipate as the surfaces and objects are being heated, not the air.

There are also very effective Far Infrared heating solutions for outdoor areas like patios.

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Far Infrared and health benefits 

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