Far Infrared and health benefits

The health benefits of Far Infrared are the focus of much research and many anecdotal stories but care is needed to avoid labelling the technology as a ‘miracle cure’.

When Far Infrared technology is applied for domestic and commercial heating uses, there are several benefits, without the need to spin extravagant claims of positive effects on health.

If we look at the facts of Far Infrared heating, it is certain that the heating elements in the panels and other devices work at a relatively low temperature and so do not emit any noxious substances.

Far Infrared heaters work by heating objects and surfaces in a room while traditional convection-based heating tends work by heating the air. This causes movement in the air as it rises, carrying with it dust, emissions and pollutants and that can affect people with allergies and breathing sensitivities.

Severe allergies

This is one reason why Far Infrared heaters are seen as a good option for those suffering from asthma and other breathing difficulties as well as those who have a range of severe allergies or who suffer from “multiple chemical sensitivity” (MCS).

MCS sufferers react to very low levels of chemicals and their immune and detoxification systems stop working properly.

Far Infrared heating is very efficient and because of the way it works, people find that they can have the same level of comfort with a lower air temperature. As the walls and ceilings and other surfaces are heated, this reduces the spread of damp and risk of mould.

The Far Infrared heaters do not emit smell from paints, formaldehyde and the lower air temperature also reduces the circulation of spores, dirt and dust.

There are also general “feelgood” benefits of Far Infrared heaters, which can be therapeutic. Our skin readily absorbs the Far Infrared waves simply because it has an 80% water content and leads to a greater feeling of general comfort.

Feel warmer

The Far Infrared wave band starts at 3 microns, which is also where water absorbs heat most efficiently so, as the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) advises, a more general warming of the body is possible through skin tissue conduction and capillary convection.

Put simply, people feel warmer and better in environments with Far Infrared heating. The Far Infrared waves have an effect like the feeling of a warm sun on the skin and so it feels generally healthier to live and work in these settings.

Currently, there are no guidelines on Far Infrared from the UK Health and Safety governing body and for infrared in general it simply advises people to take “reasonable precautions” when using some technologies in the Near Infrared range for example. It points to the ICNIRP, which advises that Far Infrared heating is safe.

For specific medical uses, Far Infrared technology is being used in hospital incubators for new born infants and heaters are being deployed in some saunas. We even see the technology in restaurant food heaters, hair dryers and straighteners.

Far Infrared heating helps to create conditions that are beneficial to health while providing greater levels of comfort and general sense of well-being than many conventional heating systems.

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