Compelling reasons why Soraa’s full spectrum LED light is perfect for the Retail industry

There are compelling reasons for retail businesses to consider changing to full-spectrum LED light being championed by lighting pioneers Soraa.

We have all experienced the dubious joys of changing room lighting and how much of retail store illumination in general lacks natural quality.

That’s why there are compelling reasons for retail businesses to consider changing to full-spectrum LED light. Currently, this new form of highest quality, energy efficient lighting is being championed by lighting pioneers Soraa.

The genius is in the revolutionary technology developed by the experienced California team that understands light emitting diode science better than most, headed by company founder and multiple Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the blue LED.

The ground-breaking technology is known as GaN on GaN and it’s the first energy efficient lighting solution that can provide every colour in the visible spectrum and so deliver near-perfect natural light conditions.

Of course, many retail brands understand the need and the benefits of quality lighting, which they know can have a positive effect on how customers perceive the value of the products and the store environment. Lighting is so important to people’s emotions and savvy retailers know how to present the best mood through precise, well-designed illumination.

Full-spectrum LED lighting delivers measurable improvements through a higher Colour Render Index (CRI) and makes colours much more vivid, more natural. In every setting, from food to clothing, jewellery, furniture and fabrics, the effect of full spectrum LED lighting is stunning. Every colour across the full range, from pastels to brights are rendered as they are meant to be.

In technical terms, Soraa’s full-spectrum lights have three-phosphor LEDs with a violet pump that provide Point Source Optics for, high intensity but uniform beams, Violet 3-Phosphor (VP³) Natural White and VP³ Full-spectrum Vivid Colour, ensuring the finest rendering of white and all colours.

GaN on GaN has around a thousand times fewer defects than standard LEDs and Soraa’s LED has unrivalled crystal structure, ensuring five times more light per unit area of LED material. The technology’s optical transparency combined with high thermal and electrical conductivity means that the design is both robust and simple, providing assured best quality of light.

Full-spectrum LED lighting moves retail illumination from the ‘just good enough’ to the ‘natural best’, presenting fabrics, furniture, food and people in the most accurate, positive light, adding all-important vivid colour and sparkling radiance to jewellery.

Natural lighting conditions also have a very important role to play in how customers see themselves when trying on clothes, for example. Lighting that offers a high CRI actually renders hair and skin tones in more positive, flattering ways, which is crucial in fashion and jewellery stores, as well as restaurants and other places where people socialise.

For retail brands, well-planned quality lighting helps to provide elements of drama and interest through control of light and shade in the store environment, using directional display lighting and research shows that this has a positive effect on customer perceptions and sense of well-being.

Reasons why Soraa LED is perfect for the Retail industry

  • Highest LED CRI output of 95
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Long lifetime of 35,000 hours
  • Full spectrum LED light
  • More vivid, true to life colours
  • Ability to change colour and beam angle with Snap System
  • No IR or UV radiation, reduces emissions that can compromise sensitive materials

The best lighting also helps retailers to improve the traffic flow in stores by effectively directing people to the key areas for maximum sales impact while ensuring that they feel comfortable and not “crowded”. In these environments, customers tend to linger longer and buy more.

One issue for retailers is the management of heat emitted from traditional high-end light solutions and LED lighting provides a clear advantage here.

Full-spectrum LED lighting has further commercial benefits because the fittings consume a fraction of the electricity needed for traditional solutions and the reduced heat emissions means less energy is needed for fans and ventilation. LED lamps also have a very long life – around 35,000 hours – which substantially reduces the costs of maintenance and replacement.



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