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Why Beco Pets?

The furry family members of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team simply loved Beco Pets range of sustainable products.

Their mission is one that we love too; to care for the planet as much as you do for your pets, helping to preserve the UK landscapes that our pets love to explore.

Like SaveMoneyCutCarbon, Beco Pets also feel the pressure to Act Now – as the environmental pressures rise and the potential for plastic to outrun fish in the ocean by 2050, we’re all responsible for making sustainable changes.


‘Green’ products you can rely on

Beco Pets take sustainability seriously. ensuring they do everything they can minimise the impact our pets have on the climate. Whether it’s sourcing as locally as possible to reduce carbon emissions from transport, or only using natural and compostable materials in their products, they’ve got it covered.

Their pet bowls are made from bamboo, which when mixed with compostable corn starch and rice husk, are super strong just like plastic but are fully degradable.

Their poop bags are made from corn starch, which is converted into polymers, so the bags have the same strength as plastic with none of the carbon footprint! 

Learn&Save: Get your pets involved in sustainable living

We want the very best for our pets and the planet too so it’s good to know that we can achieve both with a few easy choices.

We are all much more eco-conscious than just a few short years ago and studies have shown that our pets make a big impact on the environment so it’s not surprising that we’re looking for ways to get them involved in sustainable living.

And the changes we make don’t have to be disruptive. A few small adjustments is all it takes to keep your pets happy and make a big difference to the environment.

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