LED Lighting: LED Pendants

LED Pendants a designer’s dream, offering great flexibility across a range of commercial and domestic settings

A designer’s dream, offering the greatest flexibility and ultimate control across the broadest range of commercial and domestic settings.

Pendant lights to modular track lights is the best way to achieve exactly the quality and ambience of light needed while providing the design effect that blends perfectly with a particular environment.


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The wide range and versatile design means that these products are perfectly suited to general lighting, area lighting and task lighting.

Architects and lighting designers, and discerning homeowners all want to achieve the type of illumination that matches the space they are creating or developing. They also need precision in lighting levels as well as luminaires that are energy efficient.

Our range of LED Pendant Lighting products ensure that these requirements are met, whether for the office, retail, hospitality sector, in education and domestic environments.

The products combine excellent energy efficiency with best quality of light and appealing designs, and the effect and efficiency can be further enhanced with smart lighting controls.




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