Decorative Lighting

Create a stunning design feature with our range of decorative lighting


Ceiling & Wall Lights

Ceiling and wall lights can achieve practical results whilst blending in with your room.


Table & Desk Lamps

Accent any space with table & desk lighting, whether it's for focussed work or setting a cosy atmosphere.



Chandelier bulbs with a classic, traditional style that give you all the benefits of LED technology.


Spotlights & Downlights

Using multiple spotlights and downlights achieves an even spread of light in both relaxing and practical areas of your home.


Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting can be used in all kinds of situations to create the right atmosphere by changing brightness and colours

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Accent Lighting

Create focal points in your home using accent lighting. Features or art stand out under the right light.


Appliance Lighting

We have a range of LED lights to fit anything from fridges to cook hoods.


Fire Rated Downlights

LED Bathroom Fire Rated Downlights from quality, proven & trusted lighting manufacturers

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Mirror & Cabinet Lighting

Light fittings or bulbs can modernise mirrors and cabinets. They can also be used to make practical tasks easier.


Narrow Beam lighting

At home, a narrow beam angle can be used to create a focal point, drawing attention to a prized piece of artwork, family photo or trophy.


Battery & Solar Lighting

Battery Powered LED lights work right where you need them. They are ideal on the stairs, outside the front door or under cupboards.


Security Lighting

LED Security lights are available with or without sensors. They can be used to light unsafe areas and protect your home.


Outside Lighting

Outside lighting for paths, patios and gardens. Outside lights can improve safety and be used to create atmosphere


We make it easy to Learn&Save with LED

Confused? We make LED easy

Unsure of the difference between incandescent, CFL and halogens vs LED? We have all the answers on our LED Jargon buster.
Find out all you need to know about watts and eq. wattage, lumens and the brightness of a bulb, beam angles and the difference in colour temperature.

We really do make it easy to switch to energy efficient lighting.

Read our LED Jargon Buster

Learn the facts of LED

The many benefits of LED lighting are often obscured by myths and misunderstandings that have grown up around the technology. Read our guide why LED is the best choice.

Read about the Myths of LED

Your home, your light

Find out all you need to know about choosing the best lighting for each room in your home.

Read our how to choose LED



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