Key Features

  • Display processor with system power supply and override facility
  • Sensor processor
  • Data logger with GPRS remote access system
  • Temperature sensors
  • Optic sensors – smoke and steam
  • Air flow meters (optional)
  • Carbon dioxide sensors (optional)

Key Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance costs –The air flow meters in the extract ducts monitor the extract systems health to pre-empt any issues
  • Reduce call out costs with remote access – system KPI’s such as fan speed can be monitored through the data logger so faults can be identified and usually fixed remotely
  • Energy monitoring – the energy monitoring unit can meter energy usage on up to eight kitchen locations
  • Fire safety – The GPRS system is alerted if the temperature in the ducts is measured as being to high
  • Dual control – Cheetah controls both the extract and supply fans together, for optimum energy savings
Typical ROI in < 2 Years

Energy Savings and Payback with Cheetah

The patented Cheetah system applies the principle of the ‘Affinity Laws for Centrifugal Loads’ thereby reducing fan speeds to 40% of their normal operating speed when activity levels are low: this results in energy consumption that is 6% of that of a fan running at 100% normal capacity.

Typically, you will see energy savings of up to 80%, with return on investment seen in less than 2 years.

Want to cut energy usage up to 80% in your commercial kitchen?



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