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AC and DC Fast Charge Electric Vehicle charging stations ideal for the home, offices and public locations

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is as simple as plugging in any standard electrical appliance and there are a range of charging solutions for home and commercial environments.

It is usual for homeowners to choose Level 2 240-volt AC models, while there are options for businesses and civic organisations that provide higher current at 500 volts, known as DC Fast Charge.


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At home, the charging units are often wall-mounted with an extending cable and Type 1 or Type 2 connector that plugs in directly to the vehicle.

Apart from most hybrid vehicles, EVs are designed for both semi-fast charging and rapid charging, mainly DC.

A DC Fast Charge will provide energy for between 40-50 miles of usage in just 30 minutes so is ideal for short-stop settings where the driver takes a quick break.

AC stations vary in charging times, from energy for 10 miles in around an hour to 60 miles per hour. This means the AC charging facility is suited to short stay ‘destination’ settings – over lunch or business meeting as well as overnight full charge.

In public areas, from offices to forecourts, garages and street parking, there are a wide range of EV charging solutions. The charging stations have a robust design and construction with options for multiple vehicle use.

Quality EV charging stations provide user-access controls and payment systems with real-time usage data and full remote management facility.


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