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ABB is a multinational EV charger supplier formed in 1988 with a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years ago, pioneers in both electricity and automation. Their aim is to transform both society and industry to help achieve a more productive and more sustainable future to push the boundaries of technology that drive performance to new levels.

ABB and SaveMoneyCutCarbon work together to provide a range of electric vehicle charging points that are reliable and provide peace of mind to customers, ensuring that their solutions make homes, offices, and factories more energy efficient and safer while making energy more affordable for their customers.

See below our range of ABB Products. For more information speak to an ABB EV Specialist today.

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Why ABB?

Global Pioneers in electric vehicle (EV) charging.

ABB is one of the latest manufacturers to be part of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon manufacturer network – Allowing us to deliver a range of quality ABB EV Chargers as well as accessories directly to end users and installers alike providing the best value and advice.

DC Charging

SaveMoneyCutCarbon have chosen to partner with ABB for both the easy-to-use AC and DC charger range. Details of our DC charger offering can be found here.

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AC vs DC Charging

What is the difference between AC Charging and DC Charging?

AC chargers:

The vehicle’s onboard charger converts the power to DC, feeding it to the battery.

DC chargers:

The charging point itself converts AC to DC before transmitting the power directly to the vehicle battery.

The difference between the two charging options is generally the time it takes to fully charge the EV battery, with DC chargers a faster method and often seen in commercial environments, rather than homes.

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EV Charging Learn & Save Articles

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