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Whiffaway Group are experts in the development and manufacture of Waterless Urinal Technology, Biological Solutions and Closed Systems.

The company is the home of Water-Warrior™ Technology with offices worldwide and has been at the forefront of urinal technology developments since 1992.

Being the first retrofit waterless urinal system in the world, WhiffAway’s technology is widely recognised as market leading. To add as pioneers, has undergone numerous evolutionary steps since its inception.

It not only enables customers to go waterless and make significant savings, it also removes the need to change urinal fixtures.

Since the first retrofit waterless urinal solution was introduced by Valerie McLean, the company’s global team of environmental experts have enabled WhiffAway Group to remain leaders in its chosen categories of interest.

WhiffAway Group has a focused commitment to water conservation through innovative solutions and continuous development.

It has combined this commitment with visionary leadership, strong strategic partners and a proactive research and development activity to achieve exceptional organic growth since the original system’s inception.

The Group’s clients include:

  • Google
  • Vue
  • Heathrow
  • Bank of America


Reduce water and save money

Urinal flushing is one of the worst offenders when it comes to excess water consumption in buildings. These are not environmentally friendly – not only is there huge wastage but rising water charges are a problem that business cannot ignore.

The Water-Warrior™ System provides a cost-effective retrofit to existing plumbing and is environmentally friendly solution that can eradicate urinal water consumption.

Save up to £200 per year, per urinal

Savings of up to £200 per urinal a year mean rapid payback as well as reduced carbon emissions – 1.2 Kw/h of energy and 0.7Kg of CO2 is saved per 1m³ of water saved.

Water Warrior™ is proven to eliminate urinal flooding and provide a more hygienic and odour-free solution.

Waterless urinals have been independently proven to be up to 4.5 times more hygienic than conventional urinals.

  • Eliminates urinal odours
  • Saves water
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces blockages
  • Improves hygiene
  • Eradicates urinal flooding
  • Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals
  • Improves the user’s washroom experience
  • Helps you to help the environment
  • Makes huge savings on new-build
  • Has anti-vandal system

How it Works

Five key points

  • The Water Warrior™ Waterless Urinal System retrofits into 98% of existing urinal bowls. It can also be packaged as a complete urinal bowl solution.
  • The replacement cartridge neutralises surface odours and combination of friendly microbes break down the uric salts in the plumbing common line.
  • A debris catcher helps prevent blockages by stopping foreign debris entering the system and common line.
  • The system’s patented one-way valve – the Hygiene Seal – self vents while acting as a closed system to prevent sewage gases entering the washroom.
  • The Water Warrior™ waterless Cartridge is fully recyclable and replaced every three months.

Creating an Environmental footprint with Waterless Urinals

Water-Warrior™ will save you 100% of your urinal water consumption, thus eradicating the need for costly water management systems and the associated carbon usage.

How the WhiffAway Waterless Urinal helps prevent blockages and urinal flooding

The cause of most blockages is the build-up of uric salts and lime scale. The WhiffAway patented system retrofits into 98% of new and existing urinals and will penetrate and disperse uric salts, making them more soluble and reducing run to breakdown.

The waterless urinal system eradicates lime scale build-up to reduce flooding potential, with considerable savings in maintenance costs.

Both the cartridges and hygiene seal are fully accessible and replaced at periodic intervals.

Odourless & Hygienic

Dual solution to urinal odours

The patented odour-counteracting waterless urinal cartridge chemically neutralises odours above the bowl and the unique waste housing acts as a hygienic seal against odours emitted from within the pipework below the bowl.

The patented WhiffAway cartridge is replaced every three months when servicing is undertaken, ensuring the system continues to smell fresh and remain hygienic.

Enhances urinal hygiene

The flushing action of conventional urinals creates a lime platform on the surface of the bowl, which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

To eradicate this, the unique Water-Warrior™ non-return valve housing prevents bacteria within the pipework below the bowl entering the washroom.

Daily use of the WhiffAway microbiological cleaner and WhiffAway XL neutralises odours from the washroom’s surrounding areas and complements the efficiency of the WhiffAway waterless urinal cartridge.

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