Why Serious Tissues?

Serious Tissues take sustainability as seriously as we do and to date, they have planted a whopping 150060 trees throughout the world!

Their 3-ply recycled toilet roll delivers the same great quality you can expect from other recycled brands – apart from the fact there is no plastic, individual wrapping, dyes, perfumes, or chemicals.


Did you know around 10 million trees are cut down each year just to make toilet roll!? It’s a bit of a shocker…

So, in the words of Serious Tissues themselves switching from your usual supermarket favourite brand can literally mean “you can save the world from your toilet seat. Seriously.”

Serious Tissues are made from 100% recycled paper – so anything from your Sunday newspaper, a “masterpiece” from you little one’s nursery or even last year’s Christmas cards, whatever can be found in your paper recycling really.

What’s more it’s made right here in the UK – so there is no shipping from halfway around the world.



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