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Why Seedbom?

Just as we like to bring you sustainability without compromise, Kabloom brings you Seedbom – the fun way to garden that also happens to be eco.

Seedbom is the easy way to create a garden full of flowers and herbs, without needing to be green fingered in anyway – so whilst these aren’t so much an easy eco swap its still an easy way to be eco.

Seedbom can be grown in your garden, planters, pots or window boxes and the seed mixes are perfect for attracting birds, butterflies, and pollinators – it’s the easy way to do something for the environment.


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Seedbom are UK made, which is great for their carbon footprint and the seeds inside are non-GMO. The cardboard packaging they come in is 100% recycled and glue free, and obviously can be recycled again once you have thrown your Seedbom.

The actual Seedbom itself is made from material that composts within 5 weeks leaving only your lovely blooms behind.




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