Why Easee?

Easee has partnered with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to help shape the future of electricity.

Easee was created by three entrepreneurs in January 2018, with a vision of shaping the future of electricity. Easee develops and manufactures in Norway and we are passionate about developing products that our customers fall in love with. Easee have started by developing the world’s smartest charging robot for electric cars. A solution and an ecosystem that will give customers a seamless experience.


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Shaping the power grid of the future is not something Easee can do alone, and collaboration is key

SaveMoneyCutCarbon share Easee’s vison of making the world a better and greener place. Easee agree in the approach of offering as many sustainable products as possible that can take care of the electric car, the house and the power grid and most importantly the planet.

Easee discovered that the charging solutions for electric cars were unnecessarily large, complicated and expensive. There were also far too many choices, which for the man in the street were difficult to understand. Some also compromised on security.

Home Charge

With expertise in development and industrialization from electronics and plastics production, the Norwegian entrepreneurs have developed a smart, simple and not least affordable solution for electric car charging.

By challenging established truths about what electric car charging should be, their charging robot has also become 70% smaller than other solutions on the market.

The Easee charging robot solved a problem many electric car owners recognized themselves in, they were too complicated, both to use and to install. Easee has done everything we can to make it as easy as possible to choose a charging box in the home or in the housing association.

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Commercial Charging

In larger housing associations, “Easee Charge” system charging can charge up to 101 units at the same electricity price, a preliminary world record in electricity utilization.

With Easee Charge, housing associations, commercial buildings and larger car parks get a safe and fair charge of electric cars, which utilize up to 100% of available energy in the grid. It can save businesses valuable investments, now and in the future.

Easee Charge makes it easy and affordable to invest in modern and future-oriented charging infrastructure. The technology is put together in a revolutionary way, which makes the charging box lightning-intelligent.

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Futureproof Solutions to enable easy adoption

With Easee Ready (backplate and blind cover) you can prepare to get a future charging point at low cost.

To upgrade to a full charge point, you can at any time buy the Easee Plug & Play (Chargeberry and front cover in any colour).

It’s scalable thanks to the innovative Plug & Play technology. This allows you to easily scale the system without any additional electrical work.

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