Our Partnership

For over 40 years, Conti+ have been designing and manufacturing high quality washroom products in Switzerland and Germany. Conti+ products are installed in over 20 different countries, throughout public and commercial environments, such as hospitals, hotels, and offices.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon have a wide range of exclusive Conti+ washroom products and solutions to buy online, or to use as part of your wider SaveMoneyCutCarbon washroom refurbishment.

Why choose Conti+:

  • Conti+ Ultra taps reduce water usage by up to 70%
  • Conti+ Ultra range supports WAT01 BREEAM certification
  • Conti+ range comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Conti+ Service App makes maintenance smart and simple
  • Total hands free solution when hygiene is a priority
  • Low maintenance and vandal-resistant aerators
  • Full range of spares available on enquiry
  • Conti+ CNX BMS system available

Sustainable Savings

Conti+ products are electronically controlled and touch-free, meaning water only flows when it’s needed, reducing water usage by up to 70%, saving money on both water and energy bills. This is why Conti+ products are perfect for high traffic environments such as schools, hospitals, service stations, fast food restaurants and most commercial environments.

Exclusive to SaveMoneyCutCarbon, the Conti+ Ultra sensor tap flows at only 1.9 litres per minute, which supports achievement of the WAT01 BREEAM certification and will contribute towards an ‘excellent’ building rating under the scheme.

The Conti+ Service App can be used for further savings – centrally controlling the water run-on time, programming a re-start delay and the maximum water running time.

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Easy maintenance

Conti+ products are a breeze when it comes to maintenance. Products can be controlled centrally through the Conti+ Service App, which allows pre-programming of sanitary rinses, checking and setting of water running times, optimising of sensor ranges, and checking battery levels.

Should you need to get into the Conti+ Ultra sensor tap range a single Allen key is all that is required. The range also comes with vandal-resistant aerators perfect for busy and high footfall public environments.

Hygiene first

Conti+ products are completely touch free, which is key to stop bacteria and virus transfer.

The Conti+ Service App provides an extra level on hygiene control allowing automation of sanitary rinses, which can you assist you with being Legionella compliant.

Conti+ Service App

The Conti+ Service App makes multi-product maintenance simple. The App connects to all Conti+ electronic products, allowing everything to be managed centrally. The App also provides data and insights into customer usage and product performance.

  • Water run and run-on time
  • Filling mode and cleaning stop adjustment
  • Sanitary rinse mode and runtime
  • Restart delay
  • Sensor range levels
  • Installation location information
  • Trigger demand dependent sanitary rinse at intervals
  • Max water running time, with safety switch off
  • Water consumption information
  • Battery status information
  • Hours of operation
  • Number of times used
  • Water consumption data
  • Max water temperature (only in special cases)

Conti+ CNX Management System

The Conti+ CNX water management system is a complete management system designed for large commercial washrooms for centralised control of all water fittings. The CNX can connect up to 150 Conti+ urinals, taps and showers, enabling settings, maintenance and data collection to be controlled centrally and remotely. We would recommend CNX for buildings such as care homes, gyms, hotels, and hospitals.

Please use the contact form below for more information on how SaveMoneyCutCarbon can help you with you set up your CNX management system.



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