Choosing a quality appliance with a high energy efficiency rating is a great way of reducing utility bills without compromising on quality.

We have a variety of Beko products to choose from as well as many other Energy Efficient Appliances.

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Why Beko?

A combination of top quality design and excellent functionality is a key reason as to why Beko products have been recommended by 96% of its customers.

Officially the ‘number one large home appliance brand in the UK’, Beko’s reputation for delivering high quality appliances will stand the test of time.

It’s for these reasons, and several others that we strongly approve of Beko products.

Energy Savings

Winner of the Best Company Award for the Production of Energy Efficient Products, Beko have a strong focus on energy efficiency in their product range.

Much of Beko’s success is due to its significant investment in research and development, enabling Beko to lead the way with world-class innovation.

You can find some of this technology in their appliance products such as washing machines that use the power of water to replace vigorous drum movements, resulting in a wash that is quicker and more gentle on your clothes.

Water Reduction

Water is not a limitless resource and must be protected; Beko understands that.

Beko believes it’s essential that water is managed well to ensure that we have enough for our needs and to protect their environment. You can see evidence of their belief in their wide range of innovative appliances.

For example, some Beko dishwashers use as little as 6 litres of water which is up to 85% less water than washing by hand.


“Our priority is the production of goods in a manner that respects both human life and the environment” is a phrase that’s lived by throughout Beko.

Beko products are manufactured in their award-winning, green factories that are energy and resource efficient.

Their EcoSmart range gives their customers better value for their money, by helping them reduce their carbon footprint whilst reducing their energy & water bills. The EcoSmart range is also verified by the Energy Savings Trust, giving you peace of mind.



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