Why BEE Zero Waste?

BEE Zero Waste Ltd started with humans and nature in mind to find a high quality, sustainable alternative to clingfilm. Their wraps are handmade in the UK and use:

  • the finest beeswax from UK beekeepers
  • locally sourced natural pine resin
  • OEKO-TEX organic cotton fabric
  • organic coconut oil

Fabric is sourced from UK suppliers that collect the end-of-line materials from many designers, similar to what TK Maxx does with their stock. By using these high quality fabrics, they’re essentially recycling waste from the fashion industry.

BEE Zero Waste Ltd verify all their suppliers to make sure they are sustainable and sell genuine supplies.


Beeswax wraps help to reduce your single-use plastic by eliminating the need for cling film and plastic sandwich bags. Whilst cling film can realistically be used just once, beeswax wraps are reusable and can be refreshed every couple of months giving them a new lease of life, ensuring they last for years.

Each wrap is also biodegradable because it is made using natural materials, so if you’ve gotten all the use out of them, they can be composted at home or even used as firelighters.

By sourcing their supplies from the UK, BEE Zero Waste reduce their carbon footprint, reduce risk from falsely certified GOTS fabrics and remove the price hurdle that prevents shoppers ditching plastic for beeswax wraps by keeping their wraps as affordable as possible.



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