‘Energy Price Rises Couldn’t Have Come At A Worst Possible Time’ – says Mark Sait, CEO, SaveMoneyCutCarbon, Britain’s fastest growing online green marketplace and green consultancy

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February 5, 2021

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Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon.com has attacked the decision to introduce energy price hikes. “The announcement of yet further energy bill hikes is at the worst possible time. Millions are already struggling with balancing their home budgets, he says.

“The Government and OFGEM have got the very basics wrong on how to help home owners reduce their bills, especially when many are working from home which has sharply increased their energy usage,” he says.

“They have it back to front on energy pricing and how this is linked to how we deliver on the Governments and Boris’s big green & carbon reduction agenda”.

Sait has been arguing since he set up SaveMoneyCutCarbon, that the focus must be on easy swaps in the home that helps you actually use less units of energy, the biggest saving is the unit of energy you never used!

Mr. Sait says: “Rather than savings driven by the Government and those promoted by comparison sites and money experts,to keep jumping from supplier to supplier,

we are now reaching the bottom of the price pit. We are nearly there, as the energy companies can’t make enough money to support customers properly, as OFGEM demands”.

“The extra cost for energy companies to manage all this behind-the-scenes swapping and the commission fees paid to the brokers is one of the reasons Energy companies have put forward as why the cap needs to go up.

Added to this is the the circa £13.7 billion wasted on installing and promoting smart meters”.

Sait believes the energy industry is rewarded – from shareholders to telesales people – on people using more energy not less.

According to Sait, “This re-enforces bad behaviour within the energy companies. If you rewarded a child every time they behaved badly with a sweet, they will keep behaving badly.

“Some of the sales managers I have met in the energy industry are some of the most ruthless you will find. ‘Hit your customer and unit sales target, or you’re out’ is the mentality. They are diven by the fat cat executives bonuses which are linked to profit and share value, which is driven by earning, which is driven by us all using and paying more of what they sell, energy”.

“Even more worrying is what the Government seems to miss completely…

“The more energy we use the bigger our carbon footprint gets, as like it or not, much of our capacity still comes from fossil biased sources”.


Image of Mark Sait, SaveMoneyCutCarbon.com:


About SaveMoneyCutCarbon:


SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s customers have saved over 727 million litres of water and 23 million kWh of energy, delivering a carbon reduction of 6,765 tonnes per annum from completed projects and products sold on its online platform. The carbon reduction alone is equivalent to travelling 23.24 million miles in an average petrol car.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon was established in 2012 with a goal to build a new single “go-to” platform for homes and organisations who want to reduce their energy and water consumption while improving their carbon footprint and sustainability credentials.

Barclays recently made SaveMoneyCutCarbon the first investment from its Sustainable Impact Capital Initiative Fund, with £175 million to invest in innovative and environmentally-focused businesses over the next five years.

Other investors in SaveMoneyCutCarbon include Lord Robin Russell, the 14th Duke of Bedford’s son and Tree Council Chairman, Joel Cadbury.

Based in Bury St Edmunds, it employs and develops local staff while delivering projects across the United Kingdom.  It provides its growing customer base a one-stop-shop: from learning how savings can be made across each building type, to helping deliver on this from a single online order, to delivery of the largest retrofit projects across the UK.

The company has recently been selected as the NHS Sustainability Supplier of the Year for their energy saving works with Cambridge University Hospitals’ world famous Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

About Mark Sait CEO, SaveMoneyCutCarbon:

Mark has been described more than once, as a “disruptive entrepreneur” as much of his experience is in identifying and starting businesses that simplifying fragmented markets to help move new technologies or solutions into the mainstream.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is his latest venture, the company is now recognised as the “go to people for homes and organisations that want to reduce their energy and water bills”.

The business has enjoyed rapid growth and now delivers its customers millions of pounds in savings per year, through its UK wide project management and installation teams, and through its website. Mark writes columns for various publications and is often asked to comment on carbon reduction, energy and water matters for various press & TV.



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