Built environment magazine highlights warehouse and office LED savings

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September 28, 2015

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Built environment magazine Buildings & Energy Efficiency highlights Menzies Distribution’s ground-breaking energy-saving project with SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

Screengrab of Buildings & Energy Efficiency magazine story on Menzies Distribution LED lighting retrofit by SaveMoneyCutCarbon

The magazine, the leading publication for built environment specialists, showcased the LED lighting and lighting controls retrofit in the Weybridge warehouses and offices, fully managed by SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

The article says:

“All businesses look to cut costs, but some go a step further and have a real drive to cut carbon emissions as well. One such company is Menzies Distribution – a marketing, logistics and delivery specialist with more than 180 years’ experience as a newspaper and magazine wholesaler. In 2009 Menzies was amongst the first 100 organisations in the UK to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard. The Standard was successfully retained in 2011 and 2013 and Menzies is hopeful of a positive outcome for the 2015 re-certification.
“Keen to improve lighting levels and ambient working environment, cut its emissions and reduce costs it recently brought in SaveMoneyCutCarbon to survey, plan and install energy-saving and carbon-reducing LED lighting and lighting controls across their three distribution units in Weybridge, Surrey.
“The company sought to reduce the Weybridge units’ utilities costs substantially while also contributing towards aiding the Carbon Trust Standard re-certification process, which validates reduced carbon footprint.”

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