Guardian feature highlights SaveMoneyCutCarbon energy saving, bill cutting solutions

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November 21, 2014

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The Guardian has a top article this morning on ways to save money and cut carbon, featuring advice from CEO Mark Sait.

Guardian PQ magazine feature with

The feature asks: “Want to save energy, slash your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Of course you do – it’s a no brainer.” The “how-to” is provided by Mark – ways to overcome the challenges facing households, companies and organisations.

As Mark says: “Ultimately for any of our customers, big or small, it’s about making sure they see a reduction in their bills equal to or greater than we calculated. A savings calculator is linked to all the products on the website, and calculates potential savings immediately.

“For businesses and larger organisations, a full energy and water survey is recommended, conducted by our Field Services team.”

Read “Save Money Cut Carbon – Yes, both at the same time”.



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