SaveMoneyCutCarbon partners with Puma Hotels’ Collection to deliver big savings on water bills

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June 13, 2013

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London, June 17th 2013 – SaveMoneyCutCarbon, the full-service efficiency partner to organisations who want to reduce energy, water and carbon to improve sustainability, has delivered massive savings in water bills to Puma Hotels’ Collection across its UK properties.

Puma Hotels

The 21 hotels within the Puma Hotels’ Collection have seen savings that SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s solutions promised in both water and energy costs and means that its daily contribution to climate protection begins every time their guests steps under the shower.

These savings were delivered through SaveMoneyCutCarbon providing an end-toend solution. The process started at the end of last year where each hotel was visited by one of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon surveyors. The visit enable them to establish existing flow rates across showers and hand basins in guest rooms, leisure clubs and public areas.

Armed with this detailed information, UK services team plugged the data into a sophisticated financial modelling tool which in turn demonstrated where savings could be made by retro fitting EcoSmart water-saving technology, adjusting flow rates to optimum levels without effecting guest satisfaction.

This was then overlaid with other key details that have an impact on real savings and paybacks such as occupancy, usage assumptions and local utility prices. The final result was a clear picture for Puma’s senior management showing exactly what products need to be replaced and, equally important, where no action was needed.

With clear savings both in water, waste and the energy used to heat the water and assured carbon reductions, an investment decision could be made, based on clear payback in under 12 months.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is one of the leading supply partners of global manufacturer hansgrohe and offers that company’s full range of products, with EcoSmart water saving technology providing a luxury shower experience but at optimum flow rates.

Puma Hotels decided to use the savings to standardise on a range of shower heads from hansgrohe to also enhance their bathrooms, giving a fresh and modern look.

Identifying the opportunity, specifying the right EcoSmart product, demonstrating savings and showing the payback was just the first part of the project. As Mark Sait director of SaveMoneyCutCarbon explains, there are impressive savings available, but nothing is saved if the product is delivered and then is not installed properly – if at all.

Mark Sait says:

“This is where the SaveMoneyCutCarbon field service team can add another level of service, delivering to site and project managing the install, reporting back to Puma management when each hotel is complete, so measurement of savings can commence.

“Puma Hotels Collection chose to partner with SaveMoneyCutCarbon because of this unique ability to deliver a full-service solution through its UK-wide Field Services team, from planning through to survey, purchase, delivery, installation and monitoring.”

SaveMoneyCutCarbon also further reduced the hotel group’s carbon footprint by sourcing and delivering the shower heads directly to each hotel, using its own greenaware distribution system, rather than other carbon-intensive carriers in the UK.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon worked closely with each hotel’s respective maintenance teams to demonstrate and guide the installation process and, in several cases, had to source bespoke manufacturing solutions to meet some of the more complex plumbing and fitting challenges before completing the installation process.

Martin Kinnaird, Puma Hotels’Collection’s Group Technical Services Manager comments:

“The fact that SaveMoneyCutCarbon not only fulfilled their commitment to delivering the end-to-end solution we required but also went further by sourcing bespoke fittings for some our hotels was very impressive. We will continue to work with them in other sustainability projects over the next year.”

Paul Nisbett, Puma Hotels’ Collection Financial and Commercial Director, says:

“The most satisfying part of our sustainability partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon is the fact that after we quickly recoup our investment, we will continue to save money month on month.”

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is now working with the hotel group in moving to the second phase with a focus on saving money and reducing energy costs while cutting carbon in other areas with high water use – the hotel gyms and leisure clubs – as well as new focuses on heating and ventilation and boiler management.

Mike Jourdain, head of property and development for Puma Hotels’ Collection, comments:

“I had heard of SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s excellent reputation for going the extra mile in delivering end-to-end solutions through their Field Services team, which is why I chose them to partner with us on this complex project. The savings delivered have exceeded our expectations and SaveMoneyCutCarbon not only met our exacting deadlines but also used their knowledge and experience to ensure that the whole process ran smoothly.”

Mark Sait adds:

“We found that some hotel showers in the Puma Hotel guest rooms were running at in excess of 20 litres per minute. The hansgrohe EcoSmart shower head, which we have thoroughly tested, ensures a minimum of 50 per cent less water use, with no effect on the shower experience. It is also guaranteed for five years, which gives large groups like Puma Hotels’ Collection additional peace of mind. The average tap flow across the Puma estate was 18 litres per minute and we have reduced this to 5 litres per minute.

“We are delighted to be the partner-of-choice for Puma Hotels, which takes seriously the need to save money on utility bills like water but also wants to reduce its carbon footprint, through reduced water-heating costs.”

About SaveMoneyCutCarbon

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is uniquely positioned as a full-service efficiency partner to organisations and homes who want to reduce energy, water and carbon to improve sustainability. Clients include major hospitality groups, property ownership groups, distribution centres, theme parks and corporate offices as well as SMEs and private residences.

The website is the market-leading portal for advice and products to reduce costs across all main areas of consumption: lighting, water, heating / ventilation and boilers.

Our UK-wide field services team supports larger and more complex business needs by providing full consultancy and installation services, backed by expert knowledge and first-class customer service.

We also offer a wide range of consultancy services that help companies achieve their sustainability goals within Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.

Privately held since 2008, SaveMoneyCutCarbon is setting new standards for a holistic approach to energy and water management and we share our successes through a variety of charitable initiatives, including support for rainforests in Peru and Ecuador.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon, Park Farm Business Centre, Fornham St Genevieve, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6TS

About Puma Hotels’ Collection

The Puma Hotels’ Collection offers 21 four-star hotels across the UK from Scotland to Devon. The hotels are all in inspiring locations, from vibrant city and town centres, spectacular coastal resorts to countryside retreats and includes The Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh, The Imperial in Torquay, The Majestic in Harrogate and the Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire. Puma Hotels offer a total of over 2,800 bedrooms, 220 meeting rooms and extensive leisure facilities.


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