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Company car and fleet drivers across the UK & Europe are transitioning to Electric Vehicles and benefiting from massive fuel savings and tax incentives to switch. SaveMoneyCutCarbon can provide complete end-to-end solutions whether your enquiry is for Domestic, Commercial or Destination (public) EV Charging.

Our team are experts in the market we’ll work with our customers to find the right solutions for their needs, rather than just selling them a charger, we sell them a solution.

We only work with major manufacturers that meet our standards of quality and ongoing product support.

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EV Specialists

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Our Team are experts in every sector of EV, they understand not only the charging infrastructure, but also the vehicles that the chargers will power. They understand the importance of how your energy is used on site and how that can impact your chargers.

Book a 30 minute no obligation call with one of our Electric Vehicle Mentors who can advise you on the best solution to meet your businesses requirements.

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Case Studies

EV Chargers for Commercial

Commercial Charging

Company car and fleet drivers across the UK & Europe are transitioning to Electric Vehicles and benefiting from massive fuel savings and tax incentives to switch. The move to EV also helps companies with their sustainability goals and also to keep ahead of evolving government regulations around the electrification of the transport sector. Moving to electric fleets also gives a clear signal to customers and clients that you are actively working on environmental impacts.

EVs can reduce carbon emissions by more than 50% if the electricity used is from renewable sources. Going electric mean that firms can have the best of both worlds, with cost-effective and efficient fleets while demonstrating to green-aware consumers that the need to protect the planet is paramount.

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EV Chargers for Destination

Destination Charging

Destination charging enables our customers in the public and private sector to offer EV charging as a service to the growing number of EV drivers across the UK. Destination Chargers are chargers that are open to the general public, allowing the business owners to offer charging as a low touch revenue generating service.

EV charging-as-a-service opens a valuable revenue stream – but it has to be done right. Let SaveMoneyCutCarbon ensure you have the most appropriate EV charge points for your needs and those of your customers – taking advantage of the exciting new era of low carbon transport.

Contact an EV Specialist

Contact an EV Specialist

We provide a complete end-to-end solution

  • Required Site Surveys and Audits
  • Full System Design and Specification
  • Grant and Funding Advice
  • DNO Applications and Approval
  • Finance Solutions
  • Installation, Commissioning and Connections
  • Associated Groundworks and Bay Marking
  • Back Office Support and Set Up
  • After Care and Maintenance Contracts

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