How Does Solar PV Work?

Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) refers to the generation of electricity from sunlight.  Modern solar modules can generate electricity in sunlight and do not necessarily need direct sunlight to work, although they will typically produce more energy on bright, sunny days.

Solar modules collect solar radiation and convert it into Direct Current (DC) electricity, like that found in batteries.

Solar panels are typically mounted on the roof and facing South, although systems facing East or West can be equally effective. Solar modules are connected to form “strings” and a solar system is referred to as an “array”.

The solar array is connected to an inverter which converts the DC electricity into usable Alternating Current (AC) electricity that we all use in our homes and businesses.  The inverter feeds this power back into the buildings electrical infrastructure where it is used by the equipment and appliances.

Any unused power is fed back into the national grid or can be stored in batteries to be used later.

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