Wizzy E-Scooter Review

When my boss asked me to review our newest product the “Wizzy E-Scooter” I was somewhat taken aback, as one of the more seasoned (old) rotund (fat) gentlemen within our business, my first thought was that he was joking.

He wasn’t, and I for one am glad.

As someone who’s closer to level fifty than forty in the game of life, my visions of scooters hail back to the 1970’s, when we had bright red or yellow kick scooters with pram wheels and rusted metal edges that could cut glass.

Fast forward nearly fifty years and thankfully things, much like my waistline, have moved on. Someone had the foresight to add some batteries and an electric motor turning the once popular children’s toy into a new mode of sustainable personal transport.

As the SaveMoneyCutCarbon electric vehicles product specialist I am no stranger to electric vehicles, I drive one daily. I have driven everything from the infamous Reva G-Wiz to various Teslas and a fair few in between (read some of our electric vehicle reviews here). However, this was my first experience of an E-Scooter, to be honest it first experience of any scooter since the 70’s.

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First Impressions

My first impressions of the Wizzy E-Scooter were great! It required very little assembly, simply unfold and lock it upright with the quick release system, add the handle bars and you are ready to go. I was also impressed with the level of spec. Wizzy comes with front and rear LED Lights and brake lights, it comes with a USB charging socket for your smart phone or other USB powered device. The 7.5ah battery offers a 15-mile range.

Speed modes

The 3 speed modes make riding Wizzy very easy to master, mode 1 tops out at around 6.5 mph (great for learning), Mode 2 around 12mph and Mode 3 around 15mph. This means you can ramp up your speeds as your confidence in riding grows.

Wizzy also features a cruise control option, much like in a car once you set the speed in cruise control it holds that speed until you brake.

On the important subject of stopping, Wizzy offers two brakes. A front electronic brake and a rear foot brake. Both take some time to get used to, the eBrake is sharper than one would expect, and the rear foot brake isn’t. I found a combination of easing off the throttle and combining both brakes gave the best riding experience.

I found the overall riding experience with Wizzy a lot of fun, and relatively easy to master. Even as a 6ft+ gentleman only a couple of kilo’s short of the E-Scooters 120kg limit, it’s still able to hit 13-14mph, which is deceptively fast on a scooter.

The Wizzy E-Scooter is a great sustainable personal transport device. It’s far cry from a children’s toy I remember from the 70’s

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