Why your business needs a SaveMoneyCutCarbon audit

The world runs on data now and that’s one very good reason why your business needs a SaveMoneyCutCarbon audit.

Reducing expenditure is a key focus for business but often missing is the “how-to”. With the right measurements, you get a clear picture of how minimising energy and water consumption can dramatically reduce costs.

Our energy and water efficiency audit will gather all the information needed to build a complete savings blueprint that shows what can be done and how long the payback time will be. What’s more, we can fully project-manage the work, making us a truly one-stop solution.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon audit will provide:

  • A full report covering all areas of water and energy consumption
  • Assessment of generation and renewables across the building
  • Identification of opportunities that offer the quickest paybacks
  • Investment-ready proposals for retrofit solutions
  • Indicative savings and costs for larger projects, driving a further detailed investigation.


We have delivered more than 1,000 successful audits and projects for blue chip businesses and high-profile public sector organisations, so we have the experience and expertise to ensure your energy and water audit leads to tangible cost reductions – and is stress-free.

Our commercial and industrial inspections deliver detailed consumption analysis of every aspect of your operation – and will leave you with clear, actionable ways to cut costs while boosting your green credentials. Businesses understand that in caring for the environment there is a big bonus, as wasted energy is wasted money.

We start with a pre-qualification questionnaire that pinpoints what you would like us to look at and then our energy and water survey team will arrange a site visit, ensuring no disruption while carrying out the detailed audit.

The audit data is then analysed by our team to identify opportunities to save money and cut carbon. The Investment Ready Proposal, or Savings Opportunities Report Tool provides:

  • Return on Investment costing table showing annual cost and energy savings and payback periods
  • Consumption analysis for every energy source
  • Calculation of existing carbon footprint and energy cost per year for specific projects
  • Calculation of revised annual carbon footprint and energy cost (based on a series of agreed assumptions) for specific projects
  • Calculation of Return on Investment highlighting the financial benefits of choosing our energy efficiency solutions.

Savings Opportunities Report Tool

The personalised Savings Opportunities Report Tool (SORT) provides a detailed audit of your sites covering over 50 energy and water touchpoints in a single survey and audit report with suggested savings. It is a unique resource on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website that you access with a personal login.

This tailored assessment of a building’s energy and water efficiency offers actionable suggestions where savings can be made. This can include, if required, a full assessment of energy and water consumption, generation and renewables and retrofit solutions.

Each individual SORT provides an audit of each area surveyed in the building, showing a pass or fail against best practices. Where an area of a building fails we show you the most appropriate retrofit solutions as well as total cost for supply and installation, payback and carbon reduction.

You can select your chosen manufacturer brand from our direct leading manufacturer partnerships or we will make best product recommendations for you.


SORT report benefits

  • SORT reports ensure we maintain consistent surveying and report formats across all building types, with full adherence to brand standards.
  • SORT access is tailored to your needs with levels of available information appropriate for roles and responsibilities.
  • Reduced email traffic by storing all relevant and up to date files in the Vault.
  • All files on a particular project are stored in one place and always accessible.

The Vault feature allows clients and the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team to attach documents to specific projects. When a SORT has been created, there is an additional option to activate the Vault, which reduces email traffic and keeps all project information in one place, as well as tracking project progress. For SORTs with multiple projects, multiple Vaults are available.

When Vault is activated, projects can then be tracked with the status column showing whether a project is in planning, scheduling and ordering, installation, sign-off and commissioning or completed.

Interested in having your buildings audited by SaveMoneyCutCarbon? Get in touch with us today.

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