Why choose the OceanSaver dishwashing bar?

Using the OceanSaver dishwashing bar means that you’re choosing to protect the planet with an eco-friendly cleaning routine!

Not only is traditional washing up liquid full of unnecessary chemicals but it also heavily relies on plastic packaging. The world produces 381 million tonnes of plastic waste a year and this is set to double by 2034. Plus, 50% of this waste is from single-use sources. Choosing the OceanSaver dishwashing bar is choosing to be part of the solution.

What is the OceanSaver dishwashing bar?

OceanSaver has been on the hunt for a plastic-free alternative to traditional washing up liquid that does the job for a long time! Now they’ve developed a plant-based dishwashing bar that cuts through grease without any nasty chemicals or palm oil.

It packs the same power as liquid! It cleans your dishes and cuts through grease just the same, the only difference is that you won’t get the bubbles that you traditionally get so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not working its magic! Simply wet your brush, sponge or cloth and rub the bar until you work up a lather. Or if you prefer, rinse the bar in your bowl of water.

You only need a little amount so it will last you far longer than traditional bottles of dishwashing liquid. Plus, you don’t have to worry about accidentally adding too much liquid to the bowl and wasting it. However, always make sure you keep it dry in-between uses on a soap dish to extend its life.

It also smells amazing! The scent Lemon Breeze is refreshing and smells pure rather than packed with chemicals.


What makes the OceanSaver dishwashing bar sustainable?

Preferably, water is the only thing that should be poured down the drain. This is because they connect to our local rivers and streams where microorganisms live. Typical washing up liquids that we’ve been using all of our lives can be harmful to local wildlife with long-lasting effects. This dishwashing bar is made from plant-based, non-toxic ingredients so it’s safe for the environment.

It is also plastic-free, palm oil free and not tested on animals. This means it is soft on your skin and won’t harm your health.

Palm oil is a vegetable oil that comes from a fruit. It’s extremely versatile which is why it is used in so many things! But it’s one of the leading causes of deforestation and it’s responsible for destroying some of the world’s most biodiverse habitats. The OceanSaver dishwashing bar is palm oil free so you can go about your daily chores knowing you’ve made a planet-friendly choice.

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Why choose the OceanSaver dishwashing bar over other non-sustainable alternatives?

One of the greatest elements of this dishwashing bar is that it’s plastic-free! Plastics are designed to be strong and durable which is both a blessing and a curse because it is these properties that make it so difficult to dispose of. It can take hundreds or thousands of years to biodegrade and it probably won’t ever fully degrade, leaving microplastics in its wake.

A typical bottle of washing up liquid is single-use plastic and you have to repeatedly buy new ones. In comparison, bar soap lasts for months, you don’t have to worry about adding too much and wasting it, and there’s nothing to dispose of at the end.

A bar of soap contains condensed ingredients whereas the majority of washing up liquid is water which means you need more of it to get the job done. The production of liquid soap uses 5x more energy for the raw materials and almost 20x more energy for the packaging. Additionally, it weighs more so it releases more carbon dioxide through transportation.

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Why choose the OceanSaver dishwashing bar over other sustainable alternatives?

Although supermarkets offer a handful of eco washing up liquid, they are largely packaged in huge plastic bottles. They may be recyclable or refillable which is better than most but choosing a bar eliminates the plastic problem altogether.

The OceanSaver dishwashing bar is also free of palm oil and animal testing. Some eco brands may claim to use ‘sustainably sourced palm oil’ but again, it’s better for the planet to steer clear completely.

Choose to be part of the solution 

OceanSaver doesn’t stop at the dishwashing. Discover their range of EcoDrops and how these drops of magic can clean your home sustainably and ethically.

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