Why choose the ecoLiving compostable sponge and dish brush

The kitchen is one of the least eco-friendly rooms in the house, just think of food waste, running water and plastic wrapped vegetables. But going sustainable for the products you use every day could be a life saver – seriously, think of all the wildlife you’ll save by going plastic-free!

Our trusty team would never sell anything that we didn’t truly believe in. So of course, we’ve done the tough bit for you by testing them to see which ones deserve a place in your home.

What are they?

 The ecoLiving Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths are pretty rave-worthy! Designed to replace traditional plastic sponges, they’re made from 70% cellulose and 30% cotton. You can pop them in the dishwasher repeatedly, extending their life dramatically compared to their plastic alternatives. Once they’ve reached the end of their life, you can compost them right at home. Their cellulose fibres means they can absorb a huge amount of water – the perfect alternative to traditional sponges.

The ecoLiving Dish Brush is an endlessly reusable replacement for plastic dishwashing brushes. Having been made from beech wood, silicone and stainless steel, it’s a robust product that can be reused again and again. It’s super effective at washing pots, pans, trays, dishes and glass whilst being vegan, non-scratch and natural. Once the head has eventually reached the end of its long life, it simply needs to be composted and you can purchase a replacement head.

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What makes it sustainable?

The compostable sponges are completely natural so you can pop them in your home compost and they’ll fully biodegrade. They’re party made of cellulose, the main substance found in plant cell walls which helps the plant remain stiff and strong, so it’s an ideal material for scrubbing. The rest of the cloth is made from cotton. Although cotton production uses a lot of water, the cloths can be washed time and time again so it’s not going to waste like single-use cotton pads.

The handle of the dish brush is made from 100% FSC beechwood, durable silicone and stainless steel. FSC approved means that the beechwood forest it has been sourced from adheres to the highest environmental and social standards – so you can have peace of mind that it is environmentally-friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable. Beech is also fast-growing, replaceable and it can reach great heights.

Find more information on FSC wood.

The brush head is also made from beechwood and 100% vegan Tampico bristles. Tampico is an extremely robust fibre made from agave cactus. Tampico is sustainable as it’s resistant and hardwearing, able to keep its shape without softening. But don’t worry, it’s a soft material so it’s suitable for delicate surfaces that tend to scratch easily. As it’s natural that means it is also biodegradable. Plus, it has great water-retaining properties and agave is resistant to parasites so it’s ideal for dishwashing.

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Why choose these over other non-sustainable alternatives?

Plastic based products are the most common alternative. However, they’re extremely detrimental to the environment. There is currently 51 trillion pieces of micro plastic floating in the ocean now, weighing an astonishing 269,000 tonnes (the equivalent to 1,345 adult blue whales). Every time plastic sponges, cloths or brushes are used, they shed microplastics. But as they’re too small to be filtered out of our water systems they end up in our rivers, oceans and even drinking water.

Think of the traditional yellow and green sponges many of us use – the green bits on the top may look harmless but they’re made from polyester and nylon which often fall off during dishwashing, straight down the drain. Due to the nature of these sponges, bacteria can build-up and they need to be replaced quickly. Not to mention, plastic sponges tend to be made from fossil fuels so opting for plastic-free and biodegradable products is far better for your health, and the planet’s health.

The ecoLiving compostable sponges are dishwasher and washing machine safe so you can wash them as many times as you need. Just pop them on a 30-60 degrees Celsius wash and hang them out to dry. As for the ecoLiving dish brush, by replacing only the head you’ll create 36% less waste each time. The metal clip on the head simply needs to be released to replace it – no need to buy a whole new one.

The upfront cost of traditional products might seem appealing at first, but there’s a hefty hidden price tag that harms our planet. With sustainable alternatives, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint with a product that works just as well, without contributing to landfill or waste that harms marine life.

Our ecoLiving dish brush with replacement head is £5.45 and after that, the individual heads are £2.25. A Spontex dish brush from Tesco costs £2.50 so the ecoLiving dish brush is actually cheaper in the long run and far better for the planet – what’s not to like?

For me personally, making the swap has been a breeze. Both products work in exactly the same way and I love knowing that I don’t have to put them in the bin afterwards and send them to landfill. I am proud of my eco-friendly products by my sink and it reminds me that making the change is easy. And I have to admit, a wooden brush looks far more tidy than a dirty plastic brush.

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Why choose these over other sustainable alternatives?

Coconut fibres are also great sustainable alternatives to plastic. It’s a strong and naturally antibacterial material. However, I find that the wooden handle and durable bristles are slightly better for scrubbing dirtier dishes, without damaging the brush.  Although we don’t have a coconut dish brush, our EcoCoconut range includes a bottle brush and scourers which are plastic-free and 100% biodegradable.

Eco-friendly kitchen supplies

For more sustainable swaps to not only reduce your waste, but also reduce the cost of your weekly shop, check out our eco-friendly kitchen supplies range

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