Why choose Ecozone for your kitchen?

Doing the laundry and the dishes is something we do every single day without even noticing. But those mundane acts come with a hefty price for the planet and our health. As seen on BBC1’s Shop Well for the Planet, choosing eco-friendly cleaning alternatives such as Ecozone will make your home smell nicer, safer and save you some pennies along the way.

What are Ecozone products?

Ecozone is a British family-owned business that began in 2000. Their mission is to ‘make your home an Ecozone’ by reducing the number of toxic chemicals you have in your home due to laundry, dishwashing and cleaning.

Being a family run business designed for families – they understand that you want your home to be safe and clean for your children and pets. Choosing eco-friendly shouldn’t come with compromises either which is why their products are all-natural, vegan and aren’t tested on animals, they’re pet friendly and they smell great.

Ecozone believe in the power of plants! Each unique product has its only formula using plant-based ingredients and natural materials, packed with cleaning power to get the job done.

Washing machine and dishwasher cleaner

Looking after your washing machines and dishwashers prolong their life, reducing your carbon footprint as you’re less likely to replace them. Plus, it ensures they’re working efficiently and you won’t have to rewash your clothes and dishes because they didn’t get the job done the first time around.

The Ecozone washing machine and dishwasher cleaner are specifically formatted to clean, freshen and descale to get rid of stubborn limescale and detergent that has built up over time. Using these once a month helps keep your kitchen appliances performing at their best.

ecozone cleaner

Whitening tablets

These whitening tablets are free from toxic chemicals such as chloride bleach and optical brighteners. Simply pop these whitening tablets in your washing machine drawer to make your whites gleam again – just by using the power of oxygen and natural ingredients.

Dishwasher tablets

These all-in-one dishwasher tablets have a powerful cleaning action inside that leaves your dishes shiny and streak-free. Now for the best bit – simply pop these tablets in soluble wrapping on your dishwasher floor for a short cycle or in the dispenser for a long cycle.

What makes them sustainable?

I’m conscious of what I put in my body and bring to my home as I don’t want to digest harsh chemical products or wear them on my skin. Most laundry products contain 35% to 75% phosphate salts, bleach and microfibres which are responsible for tons of water pollution. In comparison, Ecozone products are made from plant-based natural ingredients.

Ecozone products are made in the UK which means that you’re not importing water and materials from the other side of the world, drastically reducing your carbon footprint.

Additionally, these products come in plastic-free wrapping that dissolves in water. Don’t worry, it’s 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to our waterways. This reduces the number of fiddly wrappers that fail to go through recycling and sit in landfill for years.

ecozone whitening tablets

Why choose this over other non-sustainable alternatives?

Whilst you may believe that traditional cleaners are stronger and better because they smell strong and use harsh chemicals – they may not be the best option for your health or the environment. Although it seems obvious, you probably haven’t thought of the implications. Those chemicals end up running down our pipes, our drains and eventually into our lakes and rivers.

Those strong chemicals also linger in the air and we digest them throughout the day. Healthline reported that household cleaning products can go as far as to cause lung disease. Traditional cleaning products are deemed safe to use so don’t fret if you’re a Vanish lover, but choosing eco-friendly removes any worry for your health.

Eco-friendly products such as Ecozone tend to have fewer ingredients on the label so you know exactly what you’re putting in your home. Your clothes are likely to last longer as the chemicals won’t build up over time and damage them. Plus, your home will smell a lot fresher and more natural.

Find out more about why you should choose eco-friendly cleaning products here.

ecozone bin liners

How does the price compare?

Ecozone 36 washing machine and dishwasher tablets cost £24.95 and while 30 Calgon limescale protection tablets only cost £8, they made from 15% to 30% polycarboxylates and 5% perfume.

Likewise, 48 Ecozone whitening tablets cost £14.95 in comparison to 1kg of Vanish Oxi Action crystal white that cost £5.50. Although there is a price difference, Vanish comes in a big tub of plastic that is far more expensive for the planet.

Lastly, 72 Ecozone dishwasher tablets cost £12.45 whereas 68 Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets are £11 so with Ecozone, you can save the planet without spending any more money on your monthly shop.

ecozone dishwasher tabs

Why choose this over other sustainable alternatives?

We love Ecozone because they offer everything you need for safe, effective and sustainable cleaning:

  • Organic
  • Pet safe
  • Allergy UK Certified
  • Palm oil-free

You truly don’t have to give anything up – well, besides protecting the planet from more landfill and pollution!

Zone in on the problem and choose eco-friendly cleaning products 

Choosing Ecozone products can help you create a healthier and happier home. By joining Home Club, we can help you save money and the planet! With unbeatable pricing, the chance to earn planet points and a guarantee to help you reduce your carbon footprint and waste – we make it easy to choose sustainable.

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