Why Choose Cheeky Panda Wipes?

You’ve seen the gross sewer-blocking fatberg pics? The disgusting oily beasts clogging up our sewers are made from sanitary products, grease, gunk and wet wipes. Shockingly, 90% of fatbergs are made up from wet wipes. Did you know that 9.3m wipes a day are flushed down UK toilets? When wet wipes with plastic in them degrade they leave behind microplastics which fish ingest – 70% of flounder in the Thames have plastic in their systems. If you’re not quite ready to go down the resuable route, The Cheeky Panda have a convenient solution that is better for the environment.

What are Cheeky Panda wipes?

Cheeky Panda share our ethos of making sustainability as easy and affordable as possible. Their range of bamboo household essentials offer eco alternatives to products that you may have never even considered to be bad for the environment.

At first glance you will see no difference between Cheeky Panda products and your supermarket favourites – which is why we love them! Made from eco-friendly bamboo they are super soft and strong with no chemical nasties.

We offer a selection of The Cheeky Panda face wipes, handy wipes, and multi-surface antibacterial wipes. Making cleaning at home and on the go that much easier.

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Cheeky swaps to reduce your single use plastic waste

Easily reduce your single-use plastic waste with our Cheeky Panda eco-friendly alternatives to traditional household essential products.

What makes them sustainable?

These Cheeky Panda wipes are made using bamboo. Bamboo grows 20-30 times faster than trees, produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide, making it a much more sustainable and eco-friendly material.

It is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic so it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Once used, simply chuck them in the compost bin where they will biodegrade, leaving nothing behind, no micro-plastics, nada!

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Why choose Cheeky Panda over the cheaper non-sustainable alternative?

It is true to say that some of the range is slightly more expensive than your traditional supermarket wipes, however if you are a face-wipe user, we have good news – the Cheeky Panda option is much cheaper than most branded versions.

The cost is down to the fact that plastic is cheap and easy to manufacture, but the damage to the environment is catastrophic. Wet wipes containing plastic can take over 100 years to degrade and even then, they leave behind micro-plastics that will stay around forever. Cheeky Panda wipes have zero plastic, they biodegrade leaving nothing behind – woohoo!

What’s more most supermarket wipes do not have recyclable packaging – unlike Cheeky Panda.

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Why choose this over other sustainable alternatives? 

Some of us at SaveMoneyCutCarbon use reusable makeup pads and baby wipes, but it doesn’t work for everyone as these need washing and drying after use. That’s why the Cheeky Panda wipes are so convenient. To make this switch even easier you can get all our Cheeky Panda wipes products on a regular, reliable delivery so no more rushing to the supermarket if you run out unexpectedly.

Many of us with children love Cheeky Panda when out and about to clean highchairs and tables for peace of mind and for cleaning their mucky hands and faces. The antibacterial wipes and face wipes have been a must-have item during staycation camping trips. You don’t need to be perfect, sometimes smaller steps will help get you further along your journey to become more eco-friendly.

Why not try them out for yourselves and discover the bamboo plant power. If you want to save even more join Home Club for a discounted price. A minute to join, a lifetime of impact. We’re in, are you?

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