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Each year, 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced, 40% of which is made for single-use purposes, including disposable cutlery and at least 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. Sadly, most of this plastic is only used for a few moments before it is discarded, taking hundreds and thousands of years to degrade.

Plastic production is surprisingly fairly recent. Development accelerated post World War II and it began with life-saving inventions like parachutes and helmets and continued to space travel and fashion. Once upon a time, it was a revolutionary creation that could be moulded, made without the limits of nature and designed to last forever.

However, today the very reason it was developed is one of the leading factors for global warming. Throwaway culture is something we’ve become accustomed to, but taking steps to reduce your single-use plastic consumption can reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet.

What is it?

The Bambaw Bamboo Cutlery Set is the perfect alternative to single-use cutlery for eating when out and about. The organic set has everything you need for eating and drinking including:

  • 1x 20cm bamboo knife with a serrated blade
  • 1x 20cm bamboo spoon
  • 1x 20cm bamboo straw
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x convenient cotton pouch

Packed with a handy cotton pouch, it’s big enough to fit all of the bamboo utensils inside which can be carried around for all kinds of occasions like picnics, camping, BBQ’s and spontaneous lunch dates. Designed with longevity in mind, bamboo is sturdy yet lightweight and compact, so the set won’t take up too much space or weight in your bag – saving unnecessary waste on the go couldn’t be any easier!

By bringing your own eco-friendly cutlery, you can refuse single-use plastic cutlery when eating out or ordering in, which is a super easy solution to avoid binning tiny bits of plastic that you only use for a few moments, but will hang around for your entire lifetime.

Bambaw Bamboo Cutlery Set 2

What makes it sustainable?

Bamboo is a fantastic alternative to plastic which is what makes this set so ideal. It’s a strong, flexible and sustainable grass that is regenerative and highly absorbent. It can grow up to one metre a day and produces 35% more oxygen than similar plants. Further benefits include the lack of pesticides and fertilisers needed, and bamboo requires little water to produce.

Other benefits of bamboo:

  • It has anti-bacterial properties
  • It’s the fastest-growing grass on Earth
  •  Bamboo can absorb 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year
  • When harvested, bamboo regrows from its own root system so it doesn’t need to be re-planted
  • Bamboo has shallow roots which hold the soil together, preventing erosion 

Unlike plastic, the bamboo cutlery, straw and pouch are biodegradable and recyclable so you can eat out knowing that your actions won’t affect the environment. Or, you can repurpose the cutlery set, perhaps for fun plant markers.

Not sure what the difference is between degradable and biodegradable? Find out here.

The cutlery set is also treated with vegetable oil to extend its life, without the use of chemicals. As it’s been sanded and coated, you won’t have to worry about splinters either.

As for the cleaning brush, it’s made from stainless steel which is one of the most recycled materials in the world at 86%. Despite being man-made, it’s a strong, durable and resistant metal that can be repurposed and reused without losing its high quality.

Bambaw has thought of everything! From the production process, to how the products are used to how they are disposed of – they’re a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic.

Bambaw Bamboo Cutlery Set 3

Why choose this over other non-sustainable alternatives?

According to The Ocean Conservancy, single-use plastic cutlery is ranked the second most dangerous, just after fishing nets. Marine life often mistake it for food and it’s also one of the most common plastic litter found on the beach.

Most plastic cutlery is made from polypropylene or polystyrene. The former is widely recycled however, polystyrene won’t get recycled even if you put it in the recycling bin because it’s too small, lightweight and contaminated to go through the process.

Bambaw does things differently. They calculate the total environmental impact of their supply chain including the shipping method, travel kilometres and weight to offset the carbon dioxide emissions and achieve a carbon-neutral supply chain.

Single-use plastic cutlery may be convenient sometimes, but the trick is to always be prepared. If you already have your bamboo cutlery handy, you won’t have to accept the plastic alternative that will last your entire lifetime without being used again.

Why choose this over other sustainable alternatives?

Of course, you could always bring your metal cutlery from home with you which is also a sustainable option for the planet. But it’s not always practical as it’s heavier and takes up more space than bamboo cutlery.

You can even buy edible cutlery now too! I’m not in a position to judge as I haven’t tried them myself, but they’re commonly made from a flour mix of jowar, rice and wheat, which doesn’t sound very appetising. Plus, I’d rather have a set of cutlery handy in my bag that I can use again and again, rather than having to repeatedly buy edible cutlery.

Given the immense benefits of bamboo, there’s no competition between the Bambaw bamboo cutlery set and its alternatives.

To learn more about the wonders of bamboo, read here. 

Bambaw Bamboo Cutlery Set Main

No bamboozle, just easy sustainable swaps 

No more nodding when someone asks if you’d like plastic cutlery with your takeaway, we have an easy solution that you can keep handy at all times! Make the small but mighty step today and choose our Bambaw Bamboo Cutlery Set.  If you want make sustainability just part of your everyday life, we have the club for you! When you join our Home Club you get unbeatable prices, guaranteed on everything across our website, and because we have everything in one place, finding your eco essentials is completely hassle free! A minute to join, a lifetime of impact. We’re in, are you?

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