What type of Dad are you?

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by tailoring your gift to the different types of dads out there. Here are five different types of dads and what makes them unique:

The DIY Dad

This dad is all about tackling home improvement projects on his own. He’s handy with tools and loves to take on a challenge. If you’re lucky, he might even come and change your bathroom taps for you!

The Tech Dad

This dad is always up-to-date with the latest gadgets and gizmos. He’s the one you go to when you need help setting up a new device or want to know which smartwatch to buy. If you think your Tech Dad would get excited by being able to turn on the lights and change the brightness or colour wirelessly, using only his smartphone or voice, then our range of high-quality, energy-saving LED Smart Bulbs could be the perfect Father’s Day gift this year.


The Eco Conscious Dad

This dad is passionate about the environment and strives to make sustainable choices whenever possible. He’s the one who will remind you to turn off the lights when you leave a room and encourage you to prepare a packed lunch in a stasher bag to reduce waste. The Super Sparrow Insulated Water Bottle could be the ideal gift for the Eco-Dad and with two interchangeable caps, one bottle will cover him for the office, hikes, running, and the gym!

The Money Saving Dad

This dad is always looking for ways to save a few pennies. He’s the coupon king and knows how to find the best deals on everything from groceries to vacations. You could grab anything from our Energy Saving range and he will be impressed that you haven’t wasted money on an unnecessary gift and demonstrated that he has instilled great morals as a parent, while saving him money too. It’s a win win!


The Fur Baby Dad

Do you know a proud dog or cat dad? Our furry friends don’t want to miss out on the celebration of their favourite people too so why not indulge in a family walk, giving you all a chance to bond and enjoy the great outdoors. Just don’t forget the compostable poop bags!

Father’s Day is all about making memories and having a good time. A Dad is usually the one who will take you on spontaneous road trips, play games with you, and tell the corniest jokes. Father’s Day is a chance to tell the men in your life that you appreciate them and with our top eco tips, it is a great opportunity to gift sustainably too!


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