What is the best pull out kitchen tap?

Eco-friendly pull out and extendable taps are smart solutions for reducing your energy and water bills. But there’s a lot of jargon when it comes to researching the best eco-friendly taps which is why we’ve done the hard bit for you and rounded up our top three favourite kitchen taps!

Hansgrohe Focus with Pull-out Spray Single Lever Swivel Spout 240 Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap

We love hansgrohe and we have hands-on experience installing thousands of kitchen products across the UK, so we know what we’re talking about! With EcoSmart technology, their taps reduce water consumption by up to 60%, reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

What’s also great about hansgrohe is that they have a ‘repair not replace’ policy. Unlike many alternatives on the market, all hansgrohe products have spare parts available so you won’t have to contribute to landfill if your tap eventually needs some TLC. Better yet, hansgrohe hold spare parts for 15 years after they’ve discontinued a product so there’s no need to spend lots of time and money searching for new parts.

This hansgrohe pull out tap is also approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

As you’ve been browsing for taps you may have noticed the WRAS logo. This means that the tap complies with the highest standards set out by the UK’s water regulations. The product would have undergone thorough testing by an independent laboratory and representatives of the water suppliers to ensure that it will not contribute to the contamination of water supplies.

Not to mention, their innovative features make minimising your water and energy consumption easy.

  • Adjustable swivel range – the tap spout can move 150 degrees so that you can fit large pans underneath and give them a proper wash.
  • Laminar spray and spray jet – this adds air for a strong spray which is ideal for rinsing fruit and vegetables. Plus, this is designed to be completely splash-free, minimising any water wastage.
  • MagFit magnetic support – this efficient magnet fixes the hand spray back securely in the mixer spout after use.
  • A ceramic cartridge – this includes two ceramic discs with holes through them. Whilst one is fixed in place, the other disc moves with the tap handle. When both discs are aligned, the water is allowed to flow through the tap and when they are no longer aligned, the water stops running. This helps you save money by giving you more control over water flow and temperature.
  • QuickClean silicone nozzles – this tap is ideal for busy kitchen environments as the high-quality and tear-resistant silicone nozzles can be cleaned with only a quick wipe. No need for expensive chemical-heavy cleaning solutions so you’ll be able to stay on top of the cleaning and reduce any limescale or residue build-up.
  • AirPower technology – inside the tap, there is a smart aerator and flow limiter which mixes air and water before it comes out of the faucet – reducing energy consumption by up to 60%. Does this mean a reduced flow of water? Absolutely not! You’ll enjoy a constant flow of water which is great if your home suffers from fluctuating water pressure.

This pull out tap also comes with five-year warranty compared to cheaper brands such as Swirl Fresco or Cooke & Lewis which only have two-year warranties. Find out more about the process behind hansgrohe mixer taps. 


Grohe Minta Single Lever Swivel L Spout 360 Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap

Grohe is a brand with strong social responsibility. From energy-saving technology to resource efficiency to training employees on sustainability – Grohe truly cares about the planet.

Grohe is also involved in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It already achieved carbon-neutral production in April 2020 and now it recently launched a cradle-to-cradle programme whereby all of its products are being designed and manufactured ready for end-of-life recycling.

At the root of their values is innovative technologies and this pull out tap is a great example! Featuring Grohe’s Silkmove ES technology, it offers a unique smoothness of function by giving greater control of the temperature and water flow. In cold-water mode (positioned mid-lever), the ES technology springs to life. This means that you don’t have to open the faucet in the mixed hot-and-cold water mode, avoiding unnecessarily heating water.

As for hot water, using a ceramic cartridge and the wide-angle of the lever, when you move it 90 degrees to the left, the flow of water is responsive and precise. This small but mighty change allows you to keep an eye on your wasteful water habits and reduce them easily. For an average family of four, this technology saves up to 279kg of carbon dioxide and £200 each year! Still curious? Find out more about Silmove technology here.

The innovative tap is ideal for busy families as it has a high sprout height to clean taller pots and pans. It also comes with an adjustable swivel range that can be set to 0 degrees, 150 degrees or 360 degrees, which can be locked in position.

Its Starlight coating is scratch-resistant and durable for an extra long-lasting finish. This means it will look sparkling clean even after years of use. It comes with a full five-year warranty compared to a cheaper brand such as Swirl that only has a two-year warranty.

Grohe recognises that their products can’t last forever which is why they’re prepared for when your pull-out tap or extendable tap might need spare parts. Even when a product has been discontinued, parts will be readily available. This is not only far cheaper than buying a brand new tap but adopting a circular economy model is also better for the environment.

Purchasing this Grohe pull out tap could save you 1,460 litres of water and 0.013 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year!


Grohe Zedra with Pull-out Spray Single Lever Swivel C Spout 360 Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap

As we’ve covered, Grohe is committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills. This kitchen tap with pull out hose also has starlight coating, a wide swivel range (0 degrees, 150 degrees and 360 degrees) and Silkmove technology. Although it’s slightly more expensive than the Grohe Minta Single Lever Swivel Mixer Tap, it has more innovative features to offer.

  • Magnetic Docking – guarantees easy retraction and smooth docking of the pull-out spray head. You can even pause the water flow. The water will return automatically when you unease it and the head can be drawn back by the powerful magnetic docking.
  • QuickFix Plus – Grohe uses fewer parts for their pull out taps and extendable kitchen taps so that the installation process is quiet and easier than ever.
  • SpeedClean – this pull out tap has flexible silicone nozzles that only need a quick wipe to remove any limescale.

When using this tap, you can switch between a fine jet spray, a powerful shower jet for trickier jobs or the Grohe Blade Spray which reduces water consumption by up to 70%. Silkmove technology helps to move smoothly between spray types whilst reducing water and power consumption.

You might have also noticed the unique C-shape spout. This design along with a wide swivel range means there is a generous amount of space for filling vases and cleaning large pots.

In comparison to cheaper alternatives, this kitchen tap with pull-out hose is far more superior in terms of sustainability and technology. It comes with a five-year warranty, promising increased reliability than similar taps on the market such as Franke which only comes with a two-year warranty.


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