What is far infrared heating?

Far infrared heating is a very efficient way to provide warmth in homes, commercial buildings, and education and health environments.

Other types of heating provided by traditional radiators, electric air heaters and so on work by warming air, which moves to cooler areas and this convection heat works effectively but inefficiently.

That’s because the warmed air particles will always shift to cooler areas, following basic physical laws. That means you always lose heat through drafts and open windows and doors.

The basic principle behind convection inefficiency is that as you heat the air, it expands and becomes less dense while being pushed up by with colder air moving into the warm areas, which means that the ceiling areas are heated first.

The effect is one we all recognise – unevenly heated and often stuffy rooms.

Efficient heating

In contrast, far infrared heating radiates energy and this heats walls, objects and other surfaces in a room, which release this heat steadily back into the environment.

All objects absorb and emit infrared, a form of electromagnetic radiation that sits between microwaves and visible light waves on the spectrum. Infrared rays are classified in three types: Near, Medium and Far, and it is the latter (also known as the C Spectrum) that is the most efficient for heating.

Far Infrared waves transfer heat in contrast to convection heating’s use of warmed air particles.

Far Infrared is eco-friendly and completely safe. You can compare it to the sun’s heat waves. Far infrared heaters ensure that all of power drawn is converted into waves for heat so there’s no wasted electricity.

Heat is transferred only when infrared waves come into contact with surfaces like walls furniture and other objects in a room – even our bodies.  This warmth is either absorbed and re-released or reflected to another object.

Comfort levels

Far Infrared heaters are up to 50% more energy efficient than conventional convection heating, with lower heat loss due to drafts. It takes 6% more energy to raise room temperatures by 1C with convection heating.

And the unique qualities of Far Infrared means that heaters offer the same levels of comfort as conventional heating but at lower temperatures.

Infrared heaters help with further savings compared to conventional heating that has additional costs of boiler maintenance and decreasing efficiency over its working life, together with heat loss during the water pumping process.

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