What is ActiveWater technology?

ActiveWater technology from Bosch gives you the triple savings benefit of lower water use, less energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions.

For hard-pressed households, the technology is a great benefit, taking some of the strain off the family budget with a smart solution from a world-leading brand. Its quest for ever-better technologies and products is a vision shared by SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

We are constantly pushing the envelope to find the most energy-efficient solutions, with water-saving one of the key priorities. And with that we look for products and services that protect the environment through lower carbon emissions and longer-lasting goods that don’t end up so quickly in landfill.

Active Water technology from Bosch ticks all the boxes. It’s a revolutionary water management system that saves water and energy by targeting water distribution, higher pump performance for better water circulation, faster heating and optimised filter technology.

Save on water and electricity bills

This ensures that water wastage is controlled, maximising water efficiency as well as energy, saving on your water and electricity bills.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that modern domestic dishwashers have been around for 70 years and the technology has come a long way since the 1950s, when it was a luxury item.

And if you bought a dishwasher in the 1970s, you could expect to use as much as 50 litres of water per cycle and they guzzled energy as well as being noisy additions to the kitchen.

Some people think that modern dishwashers fill up with water, but in fact there’s just a small amount at the bottom of the machine but this is very much hotter than water used in the sink, so it helps kill more germs. It’s sprayed on the dishes at high pressure to get them sparkling clean.

Bosch SMS25AB00G basket

Only 6.5 litres used

Nowadays, the least effective dishwasher will use almost 20 litres to clean 13 place settings. Contrast that with a Bosch dishwasher featuring ActiveWater technology. This would reduce water use per cycle to just 6.5 litres – that’s less than a kitchen sink full!

ActiveWater works in part by recycling clean rinse water into the main wash cycle so you maximise every drop with high-performance water management.

Life seems that little bit easier with a dishwasher, which is why nearly half of households in the UK now have one. The number has steadily risen from 18 per cent in 1994 to 49 per cent in 2018.

For many people, though, it’s the initial cost and strain on the family budget that is off-putting. But, if you factor in the energy-saving potential, it makes sound financial sense to invest in a quality dishwasher.

Dishwasher savings

Research on two hundred households in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Britain in 2007-08, found that the households which had a dishwasher used on average 50 per cent less water and 28 per cent less energy than the households that didn’t own a dishwasher.

The savings with technology like ActiveWater are even better – compare the 6.5 litres it uses with handwashing 12 place settings (120 items). Washing all that crockery, cutlery, pots and pans in the sink would mean you refilling the bowl multiple times. It would use around 49 litres of water.

Choosing your dishwasher wisely will make a big difference. Which? magazine reports that the most inefficient dishwasher they tested would add £64 to a household’s yearly energy bills, while the best would add just £27.

Bosch dishwashers have won Best Buy awards from Which? magazine and this world-beating quality is a mark of every model in the Bosch dishwasher range.

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