What is a massaging shower?

A massaging shower is just about the perfect way to relax in these challenging times, a great way to start or end your day.

We know that there are many different types of massage that can relax, stimulate and energise, and help focus the mind and the technicians at specialist shower companies work to manipulate water streams in a wide range of clever ways so that our “daily drench” is exactly what we desire.

The experienced award-winning team at hansgrohe have spent decades in painstaking research & development to produce an impressive range of shower spray patterns. In a sense, every one of them has a massaging effect, and hansgrohe experts highlight the Massage and Whirl sprays, that ease away the stresses and strains of the day.

The Massage is a concentrated spray that effectively creates a wellness treatment centre in your bathroom while the Whirl is a swirling massage spray that relieves tension, primarily in the neck area and shoulders. The rotating helix jet wanders over the skin, just like a masseur’s fingers. The ideal choice for relieving stress or giving yourself a spa-like treatment after playing sport.

Shower experience

But hansgrohe go further, with the understanding that we all have individual preferences when we take a shower. The company is relentless in searching out new ways to improve the shower experience and their tech teams are guided by research showing that people fall into three categories when they shower:

  • The “efficiency fan” – they are looking for a quick wake-up
  • The “focused mind” – they want targeted relaxation
  • The “pleasure seeker” – they just love being pampered.

Wellness is at the heart of the hansgrohe shower experience, helping to enhance a sense of wellbeing and comfort. The in-house spray lab at hansgrohe has developed multi-spray overhead showers that transform your bathroom into a spa, providing water massage to be enjoyed at any time, to a revitalising spray that wakes you up, with hand shower and side shower options.

With millions of us working from home, the facility to select the shower experience is a big boon. We can choose a soft experience that helps us unwind after a full day, or maybe choose a shower spray that gives us a reward after a physical workout – or simply have a relaxing soak before bed.

hansgrohe Ecostat Select 300

Select button

The Select technology developed by hansgrohe gives you intuitive operating control with one button that changes the spray type, activates a different shower or simply turns the water on and off. The simple mechanical operation means that it’s consistent and reliable – the Select push button passed a load test with 90,000 activations, which gives you long-term peace of mind.

So, whether you select IntenseRain to awaken your senses, a Mono spray jet for focused physical comfort or RainFlow ease the daily stresses of life, to highlight just three options, each hansgrohe spray turns showering into a welcome luxury.

And hansgrohe is committed to delivering eco-friendly technology along with the best range of shower experiences. EcoSmart ensures that you use much less water while still enjoying a wonderful shower and AirPower cleverly mixes in air with the water stream which makes droplets plumper and softer while further reducing your water and energy usage.

Let’s take a look at the range of spray or jet types that the hansgrohe team have created.

We’ve seen how the WhirlAir technology delivers a twirling massage spray so you can relax and relieve all the tension you can amass in the neck and shoulders during the busy working day or playing sport. The water flow becomes a spinning helix that caresses and soothes the skin, like a top masseur.

hansgrohe Select E120 Raindance EcoSmart Chrome Hand Shower 26521000 main (4)

CaresseAir, Massage

CaresseAir provides 5 strong single sprays combined to give you a strong, relaxing massage experience, and with Massage you get a concentrated spray that boosts your wellbeing.

Mix, Mono

The Mix spray has soft drops to gently caress your body while a warm and targeted flow in the centre of the spray massages your skin. In contrast, Mono has been designed to deliver a focused relaxing spray to help you unwind.


PowderRain is inspired by the warm, misty droplets of the rainforest. Six fine openings in every jet outlet transform the flow into a cocoon of spray that is both all-enveloping and very quiet. The innovative design means thousands of micro-droplets are optimised to create the ultimate relaxing shower – spa-like luxury to be enjoyed every single day.

The hansgrohe sound laboratory experts have used latest technology to reduce shower noise without affecting performance so the water droplets fall softly, creating a quiet and meditative space. A recent study found 9 out of 10 consumers said that hansgrohe PowderRain is “the best shower of all time”.

And because there is minimal splash that means you spend less time removing limescale from the surrounding area, which is especially useful in an open-plan shower space.

hansgrohe Select Rain Shower Head with Lady

Rain and Rain XL

The Rain selection are powerful jets with a spray type that are a perfect choice when you want a stimulating start to the day, or to revitalise.

RainAir and RainAir XL

RainAir is another hansgrohe innovation – a relaxing shower rain, enriched with air inside the shower head that the water feel really soft and plump. Your body is caressed with soft beads of water, enveloping you to create a sense of wellbeing. This is the spray most loved by the “pleasure seekers”.  RainAir and RainAir XL have large wide jets and provide an energising refresher for your whole body – and they’re great for rinsing out shampoo.

IntenseRain, TurboRain, SoftRain

IntenseRain gives you a stimulating wake-up whenever it’s needed while TurboRain is designed to refresh in double-quick time. In contrast, SoftRain softly caresses your body just when you need some expert TLC.

Rainflow, RainStream

Rainflow is a surge of relaxation and pleasure, modelled on the exhilarating experience you get in a waterfall while RainStream is just pure energy, a reviving experience under intense and focused sparkling jets.

Many hansgrohe products combine one or more spray types in a hand shower or overhead shower and that means you can select and enjoy different experiences, matching your mood. The great thing with hansgrohe technology is that you can transform your bathroom and shower experience with a few new key components without the need to commit to a big budget.

A shower head can be installed easily to provide a new, refreshing and massaging water experience while replacing the shower rail by installing a shower set will give a cohesive look to the shower space. And there are matching accessories for every choice, including shower hoses, shelf areas and grab bars.

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